Friday, December 24, 2004

Oh, what a beautiful morning....

  My anniversary was awesome.  I got to spend the whole day with Jesse.  What went on that day....hmm.....awesome wouldn't exactly be the word.  The day started out with us in the bathroom saying 'What IS the SMELL?!  Is it the toilet?  Is the septic backed up?  Maybe it's the shower?  gosh...what IS that?!'  You want to talk Lysol...and Comet.....and Windex...there was cleaning going on like we were crazed.  Then Jesse disappears.  (Oh, sure...leave me to clean the toilet on our anniversary, right?)  He says he figured it out.  An opossum crawled under our house and died.  <snort>  I started thinking of those TV shows where they see Sasquatch and they say 'It's the most horrific smell you can imagine!!!'  I looked at him and said 'Are you sure it's an opossum and not Sasquatch?!'  So......there we were on our anniversary morning...pulling a rank...vile...very rotted 'possum carcass from under our house.  

After that we just bummed around the house a bit.  (Hey, the 'possum carcass thing was very tiring!  LOL)  and then Jesse says 'Hey!  We forgot to go see Santa!' sooo...we went to go see Santa.  I think Santa was flirting.  ROFL  He says 'Are you the Mom?!  You still look like a teenager!!!'  Uhhhhhh...'well gee, Santa...there'll be EXTRA cookies left out for you!!!!'  bahahahahahahahahahahahaha.......Jesse said later 'Man, couldn't have flirted back?!  Maybe he would have left me a bunch of tools this year!!!'  I'm like 'Are you pimping me out to Santa on our anniversary?!  He says 'Ummmm...will it get me anything?'  What a dork.   .

....and then it was your typical trek thru WalMart a few days before Christmas, where we did a little shopping.  We were going to go pick up some shrimp (not at WalMart!) and go back home and have that for dinner, but then I brought up Buffalo Shrimp....and the only place we go for Buffalo Shrimp is......Hooters. 

Yes, folks, I spent my anniversary at Hooters.  LOL (Hey,*I* go for the food....ROFL)  Jesse even bought me a Hooters T shirt.  ("Hey Jesse...what'd ya get your wife for her anniversary?!"  "Oh, I got her a 'possum carcass and a Hooters T shirt!"  ::gigglesnort::) 

We also hit Baskin Robbins for a scoop and then bought some ::ahem:: lingerie for me......(not at Baskin Robbins, though...) and went home where I was given a very-very-awesome-wiped-me-out-snoring- like-a-tranquilizer-shot-gorilla......a full body massage.  

So, I woke up today feelin' fine.  :)  Yes, indeedy.  Oh, and it was 70 degrees yesterday so we were in our shorts.  Today is pretty nice weather-wise, too!  I'll be doing some grocery shopping and final wrapping of presents.....  I'm havin' a good day...  :)


  1. You guys are a trip!  Glad you had such a great day!  (Stop flirting with Santa)


  2. Hey you dont sound like a mom to me. you kinda sound like a young teenager. oh and  stop flirting with santa!!!  LOL!!!


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