Wednesday, December 8, 2004


I'm awake early today...for once.  Jesse woke me up at 6:30 when he flopped down in the computer chair and I heard something crack...and then he rustled some bags...and then I noticed the ceiling fan was on low and I was sweating to death...and then I was thirsty...and here I am.  Up early.  WHAT is this world coming to when I actually SAW the sun rise?!  Just not right, I tell you...I should add that there is a lizard in the house, so the cats were scurrying around crazed....trying to catch the lizard, and/or kill/eat parts of it...only to barf it up later...undoubtedly on my rug.               ONE thing that's been bothering me for forever and a day has finally been solved.  I was TRYING for so long to figure out why I would load an animated graphic, and then when it got saved, it wouldn't animate anymore.  I asked Jesse, who piddled with the computer and couldn't figure it out., I take it back...he could figure out something, but the extra steps were not worth the trouble.  So...we asked his boss and friend, Gary.  Gary knows computers a heck of a lot more than us.  (Yeah yeah...there are a lot of people who know more computer-wise than us...I just don't know any that will let us call them at 11 PM with a stupid computer question...LOL) SO....Gary says ' you have PaintShop Pro?'  I'm thinking what?  what the hell is that?  Apparantly - we have to have that on our computer or nothing will animate.  HMM  He says he thinks he has a CD to loan us, so finally, I will have silly little moving teddy bears and jumping dogs in my emails and journal.  I'm too happy....although, I should have asked him about the whole FTP 'making your pictures BIG type thing, because I read the links  John Scalzi supplies in his journal and I'm still there going'duhhhhh what?'    

Ryan volunteered at  last night.  It had been a busy day anyway, since Alex has horseback riding on Tuesdays, and that's always a drive back and forth.  When we were driving on the dirt road to the barn, we find that the cows       had been let out to graze.  Of course, they're standing in the middle of the road.  I don't know about y'all...but when a very large cow (with horns) is in the middle of the road...looking at my pretty car (that, now that I think about smaller than the cow)...I'm just going to sit there and be patient.  No need to make the cow mad.  Eventually, we were able to ease on past them...but they stared us down.  Ryan said 'Mom...will ya roll up the window before the dang cow sticks its' head in the car and bites you or something?!'  hee hee...(cuz YA...THEN who would drive her anywhere, right?!) what was I saying?  Oh yeah...Toys For Tots.  Since Jesse was working overtime, I dropped her off at the warehouse to volunteer.  I figured I would pick her up when I went to go pick up Jesse.  She really really REALLY loves to volunteer at Toys For Tots.  This is something she looks forward to throughout the whole year.  Every year brings such a warmth to your heart....and every year, you know you're going to end up crying at some point over the joy you see from a little kid who wouldn't have gotten anything for Christmas had it not been for Toys For Tots.  (We won't go into the 5 year old girl who received a bike last year......omg)  So anyway...go volunteer.  It'll be one of the highlights of the holiday season.

I have to confess, that I've mentioned the ::ahem:: holiday season...that I am in no way, shape, or any kind of Christmas holiday spirit at all.  I don't have gifts purchased.  I don't have a tree.  I don't have lights up.  and...I don't care.  Isn't that terrible?  I'm not all 'Bah-Humbug'ish.....but I can take the holiday or leave it at this point.  I'm doing the required kid stuff like encouraging the letter writing to Santa and what-have-you..but yikes.  there are only 18 more days til Christmas!  Somebody help me!  

We just ended up eating Krystals   (which is like White Castle.....the Florida version) for dinner last night at....10?  I've got to get better at making dinner.  I just lost the desire to cook when 2 people don't want what I make/complain about it....another isn't home til 5 hours that leaves 2 people who actually eat.  I'm tempted to just buy a super jumbo bag of chicken nuggets and frozen burritos and say 'Knock yourselves out...THERE'S dinner!'  They wouldn't care....heck, they'd be totally happy.....  ::sigh::  ok..who's inviting me to dinner?  :)


  1. You can come eat here...of course, you'd need to leave your house around 10 central time to get here for dinner....but c'mon over!!

  2. I MISS Krystal's!  I crave for them all the time.  

    Thanks for the laugh this morning!  Your blog cracks me up!


  3. I'll take you out if you want :o)

  4. Id have you over anytime!! And I even have chocolate cake for dessert!!

  5. (responding to Derasta)
    OMG...Chocolate cake?!  That's it....I'm calling the airport now!  ::giggle::

  6. Just strolled through your journal for the first time. I enjoyed what I found. I'll be back again. I invite you to check out one of my journals. *Barb*


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