Sunday, December 12, 2004

The Short Version

Today has been a really exhausting day since it;s been go go go ever since I got up.

*The lizard has been caught and was decapitated by my cat.  She is very proud.  :)  She got an extra kitty treat for her effort.

*It was 64 degrees today.  Alert the media.  I got to wear a long sleeve shirt!

*If you respond to something I said in the comment section with a question, I usually respond back in the comment section.  Feel free to email me if you would like one back.

*It's my Father in Laws birthday Happy Birthday, Papi!!!  The picture is of my in laws on a trip to visit us this summer....

Picture from Hometown

*I apologize for the lameness of this entry..... it's late, and I could use some coffee and a visit from a buffed shirtless masseuse named Hans.  (Although.....his name isn't really that long as he's buff and shirtless, it's all good....)  Hmm...or maybe I could use Hans and a bottle of amaretto...yeah...that'd work, too!!!!!

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