Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Slapstick Comedy - Amy-style

  I got up this AM and remembered I had to take some packages out to the mailbox for the mail man/person to pick up.  That was really fun considering it was a tall awkward package....so I'm struggling to get it out the door without the damn cat getting out.  Believe me, she wants out.  There's a MAN CAT outside!  umm.  no.  There I am juggling said package...kicking a foot at the cat in the hopes of distracting her...trying NOT to make noise so I don't wake the kids, and also trying to not look like a complete nut in front of the neighbor as I almost fall out the door.  Oh yeah...IN MY PAJAMAS.  When I finally get outside and lean the box by the mailbox....I glance up at the roof of our house.  Last night, Jesse had put up this inflatable Santa.  It looked really cute.  All the lights were plugged in and Santa was waving while standing in a 'chimney'.......but this morning.....in daylight....without anything plugged in.....it looks like Santa tried to kill himself or something.  Half of him is hanging off the roof.  ("I know it's crazy at our house, but gee Santa...you didn't have to end it like THIS!" hee hee hee)  I would go take a picture but the camera battery went dead and I don't know where the new battery is.  If Santa still looks like that by the time Jesse gets home, I'll snap a picture....  :)  

Last night was cold cold cold...well, for me anyway.  I slept with 2 pairs of socks, two shirts, one pair of pajama pants.....AND the comforter.  My room is really cold (I guess cuz of the air vents that aren't working right - although Ryan swears there's a ghost in my room).  The KIDS......slept in pajamas.  Two had their blankets kicked off.  ??????? I may just join the dog and the cats who are sleeping in the kids room..... and before you say 'Oh please...how cold was it, Amy.....you big Florida whiner!!!' it was 40 degrees.  40 is kinda cold, even if you don't live in FL, so there!    

I also wanted to share something I found on a journal I read every day. ENTRY # FOUR HUNDRED AND NINETEEN.  It is a poem that I relate to pretty well.....


  1. OMGoodness! I'm dieing laughing! You do have a great sense of humor! I would love to see pics of "suicide santa"  ;-)
    I would love to be 40 degree weather! It is VERY cold here in ohio. I think we were at 6 below last night with the wind chill factor! UGH!
    HUgs & Blessings,

  2. 40, hmmm, we had a high of 19 yesterday, not factoring in the wind chill, so enjoy your 40 degree weather!

  3. sounds liek you had yourself quit a mess trying to get to the mailbox!! lol i too am in florida and it got to 20 here last night it was nuts !! BBBBRRRR!! happy holidays!!!

  4. Why do you have to be so funny while I'm drinking my coffee??  I'm tired of cleaning my monitor!!


  5. 40 at night?? Damn, here in "sunny CA" at 7 this morning it was 23 on my porch. I'll trade you for the 40! It got to a lovely non windy, warm 60 today though so I shouldn't complain too much.

    Amy, dear, you do realize it will get MUCH colder than 40 in Alaska, right? Oy... I can just see you huddled in your blankets 9 months a year up there on the tundra.  =o)

  6. Cute story that I can relate to......trying to get things out the door, and keep the right pets in, and the right pets out.  
    Hope Santa revived himself and didn't fall off the roof.


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