Monday, December 20, 2004

Snoozin' & a football game


 One of the most comical things about my husband is............that he falls asleep while he's talking.  :)  Last night, we were in bed, talking.  He was tired, because he had been working here and there all day.  He's TRYING so hard to talk to me.....really, he is.  BUT, when he's laying down, all bets are down that he's gonna fall asleep.  (Is anybody saying 'narcolepsy' right now?) So, there he is 'You look so pretty honey...I love you...your skin is so soft and then I thought I might work on the humidity in the OR' 

Me:  What? 

Him:  Huh?!  What? (as he wakes up out of his partial slumber)

Me:  You're tired, huh? 

Him:  Yeah, but I don't want to fall asleep until you lay down and snuggle me because I might have to pick up that Christmas tree and take it outside. 

Me:  What? (haaaaaahahahahahahahahahaha) 

Him:  What?  Huh?! 

This went on for a few minutes before I got the giggles and was shaking so hard that he 'woke up' and looked at me and laughed himself saying 'I was talking in my sleep again, wasn't I?' think?  LOL  The things he says when he's half asleep........     

The reason he was so tired is because he worked at Home Depot for a few hours and then went with Ryan to do the Toys For Tots drive at RayJayStadium.  It was kinda chilly for some people who really hadn't prepared for it.  (I TRY to tell them...'bring a sweater', but nobody listens to me.....)  Although, they had tons of fun and were pretty darnclose to the field.  There are the pictures......(note:  only the last two pics are my actual family members.  The painted guy?  not mine.  the football players, also not mine..  <g>)  Ryan went to bed about 30minutes after coming 9.  That kid doesn't usually go to bed til 1 AM, so having her (all of them, actually) asleep early was nice.  I was able to divvy up their Christmas bounty so I could start wrapping some time soon.  

Today, the installation tech guy/person is supposed to come and install my new digital phone service.  ????  OK, well, Jesse wanted it.  I rarely, if ever, use the phone anyway, but if it comes out cheaper, know....what do I care.  I guess I better go get out of my pajamas though.  I know I said in a couple entries back that I wear pajamas in front of the family or neighbors and I didn't really care, but I don't think the installer needs to see my flannels.... 


  1. ROFL it must be a guy thing! My hubby, Joey,  also talks in his sleep. He's a truck driver and is always "bossing people around while in slumber"  (hehe) We should collaborate and write a book!
    Have a great day!

  2. ROTFL..."Your skin is so soft..."  I'm sorry but that was funny... then followed by "I might work on the humidity.." ???  Too funny


  3. Too funny on the things they will say half asleep.  ;)  Enjoyed the good read!


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