Monday, December 27, 2004

sometimes ya just can't figure out what to title entries, y'know?!

Well...I'm still trying to recuperate.  I wonder how long it'll take to catch up on my sleep.  :)  I'm feeling kinda quiet today...and when I was reading 'My Journals'.....the journals I read every day without fail......I ran across this entry from Mosie.  close friends I could have written it myself, except change Cliff to Jesse.  :)  Thanks for saving me some typing, Mosie!  hee hee....

I figured out some PaintShopPro stuff last night (Thank you for helping me, Jesse!!) so I'll probably be messing with that all day.  It gets addicting...LOL  'Oooh...lemme put my name on this....oooohh.....this needs a caption......oooh...I should blur that picture just a bit!!'  ::giggle::  If he thought I was a computer addict before........  :)

It's sunny, but cold today, so I suspect at some point, we'll go outside just to let Adrian ride the motorcycle he got for Christmas this year.  It goes all of three mph, but dang it.....he can hear 'Get your motor runnin'........head out on the highway......lookin' for whatever comes our way.......BORN TO BE WIIIIIIII-IIIIILD..........'  :)  Ah, the joy of being a mom. 


  1. Gee, thanks for pimping my journal!  And I'm glad to know somebody realizes what I'm talking about.

  2. oh just wait til you try the Adobe photoshop.  You'll be up watching Tammy at 5 am and drawing too.  oy.  ~Sie

  3. I too, fell victim to PSP for awhile!  there were days I didn't know what time it was I was playing with it for so long!  Ciara rode on one of those little cycles once, OMG can u say HILARIOUS!  She hit the gas instead of the brake and flipped head first over the thing, and all I could do was laugh...I find humor in others pain LMAO!


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