Friday, December 3, 2004

Weekend Assignment #37

Weekend Assignment #37: Second-Best Qualities

   By The Way...

That's the assignment.  2nd best.  I had to think long and hard.  I even asked a few people. always came back to the same thing.  I'm fun.  or funny.  or maybe even funny looking.  At any rate, I can make people laugh and feel good.  Why not, y'know?  The world is full enough of negative people.  I might as well be one of the fun ones.  I wonder I privileged?  Is the freedom I have in my life the reason I'm the way I am?  Am I just a people pleaser?  Or does it just feel good to laugh and I'm a product of my own gluttony? 

Hmm....    good grief......I need to stop analyzing myself, don't I?    Maybe it's that I want to keep my heart full of innocence?  Believe the best in people?  or maybe I think that making people smile makes them be closer to their own hearts.....  

Oh..who knows......I could go on and on about maybe this, that, or the other......but I just feels good to have fun.  :)


  1. You always made me smile and laugh :o)

  2. What a delightful character assessment!  For me, reading this was very much like looking in the mirror.  I'm a firm believer that laughter is a divine gift, but as you said, there are plenty of negative people in the world...and I've learned they don't all enjoy my divine gift!  But here's my theory on people who take themselves too seriously: if you don't want to laugh with me, I'm just going to laugh AT you.

  3. Fun, funny, or funny looking ~ I love it!!!


  4. That's a great quality to have. Spread it around!



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