Thursday, December 9, 2004

Yes! Yes! Noooo..... an absolutely beautiful day.  It's warm, but there's a strong breeze that's making it feel really nice.  I have my A/C on but I still have the windows open for the breeze.  I know...I know...wasting electricity, but oh well...  :)    

After weeks of stressing myself (and who knows how many other people...LOL), I've finally figured animation problems.  I'll share my drama...because ...y'know...somebody else may be having the same issues...  The problem was...that I was saving the graphic (you know...Right click and 'Save As'), would only give me 2 file choices.  'All Files' or '.bmp', which doesn't save any animating.  Soo......I clicked on the Live Help button at 1:50 AM (yes, I was up at 1:50 stressing about this...don't ask)...and asked the very nice, very helpful Tech Guy, Vet......who told me to calm it was an easy fix.  (I'm thinking 'After 2 weeks of me spazzing out about this, there IS no easy fix!')  All I had to do was manually name the saved file and add '.gif' at the end of the named file.  ?????????????????????  I literally said 'ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  THAT'S IT?!?!'  heh heh..... lo and behold.....I have animation!!!  HOWEVER.....I only have animation in my emails, and not in my journal.  :sigh::  AND WHY.....can't I get my pictures to show up at full size instead of that little box...aurgh......this is getting depressing......    



  1. i really want to help thinking maybe i might have u call me and i can walk u through this! i have your email and i will respond to it later...i will teach u how to do this...just might take a day or 2!


  2. (responding to Linda)
    LOL, Linda.....I'll just have to resort to snagging stuff from YOUR journal!  ::giggle::  Ah least I can keep a sense of humor about it....

  3. Hello Amy-
    How funny that I "kinda" went through the same thing. If you want to, IM me and I will help you. Isn't it just the most frustrating thing on earth? I swear I was ready to through my iBook and my PC right out the window into the street....LOL But it's all fixed now and my journal looks cool.
    Lets get together and I will help you ok?

    Love you journal, it's so cute!
    Schoolgal040 (Gayla)


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