Friday, December 3, 2004


Wooooooohooooo, BABY!  check me out zooming down the information highway at speeds to amaze and astound!!  ok, we'll *I* am  I'm still remembering 3.0, for petes sake.  The Broadband guy came out (LATE, mind you) and installed our cable line.  He WANTED to drill a damn hole in the middle front of my house.  Ummmm no?  WTF?  THAT'LL look GREAT!  YEAH!  DO THAT!!  @@  what a fool. Jesse informed him that he could run a line UNDER the house and NOT thru the front for the whole world to admire.  The installer was a polite guy, but he had some marbles rolling around up in the head.  At any rate, he fiddled around for about 40 minutes, and told us that his part was done, so the computer tech guy would be coming in about 15 minutes.  A computer tech guy?!  To come to our house and make sure our computer runs right?!  I was stunned.  Impressed, even.  The installer does tell Jesse that he may want to CALL AOL even though BrightHouse takes care of the billing now, to make sure AOL doesn't charge us anymore.  Since we were waiting for the tech guy, Jesse decided to just to it.  Better to be safe than sorry, no?  He gets on the line with 'Jack' who has a very strong Indian accent.  (Jesse says later "JACK, my ASS!")  Jack is confused.  My husband is trying to tell him we don't need to get billed because we are billed by BrightHouse now.  Jack does not understand why we would not want to be double billed.  (duh...silly us, what were we thinking...)  Finally, 'Jack' says 'O.K. sir, then you are telling me that you do not want to be billed because your cable company will be taking over your AOL billing account?'  ummmmmmm yes?  'Jack' says " will be noted and will show up in about 3 days.  Please check Keyword Billing to make sure everything is correct then."  At this point, Jesse faints.  a 25 minute call.  To explain ONE thing.  omg, I would have done shot 'Jack' by now...THRU the damn phone.....  

ANYWAY.......the computer tech guy shows up....checks our stuff, gives us some info about the new security feature that AOL has (which he doesn't like) and off he goes....and he leaves us to our new and improved super fast computer.  I had fun messingaround with how fast stuff loads now.  Yes, I sent myself pictures all day long from my own files just to see how fast they loaded.  LOL  Now if I can just figure out the FTP/get the pictures out of the stupid box thingie in my journal, life would be good.


  1. Oh my! Welcome to the twentieth century!  I have total faith that you'll enter the twenty first century before it's even half over! lol  Yeah, you've sent yourself pics, but have you been online an on the phone at the same time!!?? <g>

  2. There is nothing better than a fast connection and computer...when we visited my in laws in Sweden, they have dial up and an older computer and we just aren't used to congrats to you!

  3. Use  It's fast, easy for pictures.  and FREE!  ~Sie

  4. Thanking sieblonde for the link...I'll check it out!


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