Wednesday, December 22, 2004



Here I sit...knowing full well that IF I get up, some kid will ask for something, and I'm in desperate need of a little down time.  I'm exhausted.  The holiday season is zooming at warp speed, and all I've been feeling is...confused.  I'm not even thinking 'ho ho ho, Merry Christmas' or 'Happy Holidays'.....I'm thinking 'If I can just squeeze a little more time into the day, maybe I won't be so exhausted by tomorrow'    I'm just...overwhelmed by the STUFF that has to be done.  I can't even think of what it is that has to be done right now, because my brain is going faster than my fingers and I can't even write it down.  Did I eat today?  Hmm....I can't remember.  At least I know if I cleaned the house or not.  The dust bunnies are laughing out loud at me.  Maybe I should put a little liquor in my coffee to chill myself out.  (Yes, I know it's only noon....) I think I may be PMSing, too.  (OH WONDERFUL!!!! err...NOT)  Is it terrible to be feeling relieved that Christmas is almost over?  I feel guilty, and yet.....relieved at the same time.  I'm SO starting my next Christmas shopping in July.  No, really.  


  1. It's happy hour somewhere in the world!

    ~Jaime  :)

  2. I am with you on this one.  I know it's my own fault though.  I can't ever seem to get organized enough to be ahead of the game.  So, shopping in July isn't a bad idea.  

  3. Hi Amy-
    I feel so bad that you are so tired and so very busy. I feel for you! I am lucky that I don't have the hussle and bussle of Christmas anymore. I do all of my shopping online and start on my crafts in August. This year I really didn't get too crazy and just enjoyed my Mom's road to recovery, my husband, God and my dogs.
    I hope you get through it ok and take care of yourself and get some much needed rest!


  4. Hope you get everything done.  I know what you mean about being exhausted.  

    Got your link via Tag Lounge email.  

    Like your journal.  Take it easy.


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