Wednesday, January 5, 2005

::blink blink::


::sigh:: Today is heading into being a day of 'fighting' for my boys.  They're not really FIGHTING...they're just annoying the crap out of each other, and then yelling my name.  I suspect this will go on for quite some time, since I try to let them sort it out on their own.  I just don't get it, I guess.  There must be some sort of fun in it if they do it so often.  I was raised as an only child....nobody annoyed me.  Did I really miss out?  I'm thinking no.  I may need some Tylenol fairly soon though.  Or maybe I just need more coffee.   

I'm in 'one of those moods' Blehhhhhhh.......a sloth has nuthin' on me, today.  LOL  It's such a beautiful day though...should I go outside?  Should I just stay here and surf?  Should I .....wait...all this thinking is going to give me a headache.  I've been getting those more frequently, lately.  Probably because I'm not wearing my glasses when I'm on the computer.  (Well, duh...put them ON then, Amy!!)  

I've also been checking out where Jesse will be going for his Reserves duty this year.  You know...'one weekend a month, two weeks a year'.  First of all, they lie.  They want you more than that.  Anyway, last year he got to go to Germany.  He's been going to some NICE places.  This year?  El Salvador.  WTH?  That would not be high on my choices list, ok?  No offense to anyone who lives in El Salvador or is El Salvadorian, BUT.....would you want to travel Europe...or travel a mosquito infested jungle.  Hmm...let's think on that one.  *I'M* picking Europe.  But oh well...they didn't ask me.  He also gets to go to Honduras as well.  We have been talking about it, and really, we've been to Mexico (where much of his family lives) and it's not that different, but still..... He gets more info at this weekends UTA.  I wonder what he'll bring me back.  Hopefully it will be legal.  LOL 


  1. I hate those days when my kids fight and bicker. It is all soo frustrating. I forget how much my siblings and I fought as kids. I know deep down they really do love eachother and sometimes they even show it!
    I could nag put on you glasses....I am half blind without mine and have been wearing them since I was 8 mos old. I can't function without them. I imagine you are like my son who doesn't like to wear his and do oaky without them. Put them on anyway.   :)
    I am enjoying your journal.
    Check mine out if you have the chance.

    Take care

  2. I dont miss those days amy, I had one with ADD. They use to drive me nuts. I think sometimes they are just bored and other times its like a game for them. My boys are 24 and 22 now and finally get along great. Well as far as I know they live together now in an  The oddest thing is I think maybe I do miss it a little after all.

  3. u say and i quote:

    " ...they're just annoying the crap out of each other, and then yelling my name.  I suspect this will go on for quite some time"

    oh boy! im not sure if u know that the statement of 'quite some time' actually means for many more years to come!!! my boys are 16 and 14 and have been bickering and fighting back and forth and well, exactly how u described it! since they were wee ones! so be prepared just like a good scout always is :-)


  4. hey amy, my name is kalua.. iam a i need some friends on this journal thing.. lol.. im new and have no clue how to get to other people or whatever.. lol.. so if u can help me please?

  5. wow ur journals cool!

  6. My Melissa and Michael get into it all the time and they are teenagers now but it still goes on. And what I hate most of all is they always have to involve me and want me to settle things for them...what a pain that is!

  7. I was raised an only child too (my sister and brother were grown, practically, when I was born) and the hardest thing to deal with, in raising my two kids, was the constant bickering, name-calling, etc.  Had I known they'd fight so much, I might have stopped at one child!

  8. my 2 kids still fight like cat and dog and they are 18 and 16, one day there will be peace and quiet and we will think its too quiet then ;)........Jules xxx


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