Friday, January 14, 2005

Chocolate for Dinner an attempt to move the cockroach into the past....hee hee......

This evening, Jesse decided to make dinner.  Pasta Chicken Cordon Bleu.  About 15 minutes before it was ready, I started feeling nauseous.  10 minutes, and I thought I was going to chunk.  By the time he called me to dinner, the thought of food was nowhere in my mind, but I had 2 bites, said 'Umm...I don't like this....' and laid my head down.  Now, mind you - there is very few foods that I DON'T like.  Maybe he used the wrong cheese...maybe I was just ill.  BUT.....a bit later, I noticed a candy bar I had bought earlier, and all of the sudden I HAD TO have that chocolate.  So, I had the new Limited Edition Almond Joy Chocolate Chocolate bar.  SO unbelievably good!!  Then, I had some Storck Chocolate Riesens.  (My favorite candy ever)....then I had a Skor Bar.  I feel SO much better!!!  Maybe I just needed some sugar......maybe I'm PMSing.......but either way......I had chocolate for dinner and I don't feel one bit guilty! 



  1. ROCK ON!  Chocolate is the ultimate for making anyone feel better.  Once my husband fixed breakfast in bed for me on Mother's day.  The pancakes were so bad, I couldn't figure out what he'd done wrong.  I mean, they tasted like sour milk, but sour milk makes better pancakes.  Then I found out they were *banana* pancakes.  I detest bananas.  They make me so ill, even just thinking about them.  It was three years before I told him about it.  I just didn't have the heart!  He felt bad, which is what I wanted to avoid, but at least now the family knows!

  2. yummy!!!  we all need a meal like that every once in a while!

  3. if u needed that much chocolate your body must have been telling u something..maybe your blood sugars were really low...oh well...u ate and thats what matters!


  4. I am pmsing and Im dying for some chocolate right

  5. Yummm chocolate is my favorite thing in the world. I love it and savor it. Dont feel alone, Ive had chocolate for dinner many times!! :-) Nothing like chocolate.

    much love, Meg

  6. I am a chocoholic.  I wouldn't feel bad either.  

  7. It was the cockroach.....
    Take that thing off the blog..
    Post many chocolates as you like... looks very nice!

    ~Jaime  :)

  8. LMAO! Yep pms and chocolate for dinner.... I wouldn't have it any other way? In fact, neither would the rest of the house! No chocolate when your pms-ing and momma gets "hair pulling" crazy (real quick!) :::giggle:::

  9. You're probably hypoglycemic, so chocoate was probably not the best thing to eat for dinner. However, I"M hypoglycemic, and I just had a cup of coffee and a bunch of real dark chocolate for dinner. WHatever, everything in moderation is fine. Next time, maybe have chocolate milk/soymilk instead- more protein than just a candy bar. You need your vitamins and minerals!

    Dietetics Major,


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