Saturday, January 8, 2005

damn phone.....


I got woken (is that a word?  I'm not getting out my Websters to see, ok?!) up early by the damn phone ringing.  Now, most of you know I have some weird phone phobia, so I just don't answer it.....and most of the time, I can tune out the ring, but dang it...when it rings in the morning while I'm in a calm peaceful slumber, I'm a little peeved.  WHO calls early on a SATURDAY?!  Come ON!!!  This is not a good way to start the day, no matter how many cups of coffee I plan to have.   ::sigh:: 

My tummy had been upset all night, so I didn't sleep very well.  I'm thinking my body has decided 2 AM is a perfectly fine time to go to sleep. brain is thinking 'WTH?!'  I guess....and this is only a guess.....that one should not eat deep fried anything washed down with diet coke and followed by dessert which happened to be my favorite chips of all time:  Cape Cod Potato Chips .....and then try to lay down.  I think I ate 3/4 of the bag.  yikes.  When Jesse isn't here, we all tend to go into fend-for-ourselves I didn't do a real sit down dinner last night.  There were chicken nuggets (which Adrian has informed me are MUCH BETTER when they are deep fried and can I please start making them for him that way instead of in the microwave....I'm like 'Boy...I make you chicken nuggets every day of your life because you're gonna gross out on what we are all eating, and now you want me to DEEP FRY them for you all the time?!  It is a GOOD THING you are cute!!'  heh heh...silly boy.  you know I'm going to fry them for him.  I just gotta bust on his chops a little....)   ....and egg rolls...and some lumpia.  (yes, there IS a difference)

Anyway..nothing else is very exciting for today.  No big plans....  It's looking like another hot day outside, so I'm thinking if I go clean off the pool, the kids might have fun with that today.  They're all still asleep, so I'll do my dishes/laundry thing and get that out of the way.....  wish me luck with that pool...I bet there are creepy spiders and lizards in there.  (AND YOU ALL KNOW I HATE LIZARDS!  ROFL...but we won't go there....::shudder::)..........


  1. You know I have a phone phobia too...and I will not answer the phone unless one of my kids are out because then I don't know if it's one of them calling home. But otherwise if everyone is home I will let the phone ring all night and will not pick it up...I also do not like when the phone is for me because I don't like talking on the phone...

  2. there is nothing worse than having sleep inerrupted by the phone, especially at weekends........Jules xxxxx

  3. I have that rotten slow a$$ dial up, so i just turn my puter on and nobody can get throught o home phone HA! If it's THAT important they know my cell #.


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