Saturday, January 22, 2005

Do Not Attempt This Activity At Home


There is a right way.....and a wrong stretch and exert yourself.  

My way is not the right way.    

PSA for the day.  Know your limitations.     

I was in the living room when I heard a thump.  Then I hear Adrian whining or grumbling or whatever.  Clearly, the boy is unhappy.  Being the wonderful caring mom that I am (and also making sure nothing is I go into his room and check to see what the fuss is about.  He's mad.  Why?  He can't stand on his head.  

This is a problem?!  

Well, to him, it was, so I put a pillow on his bed and have him put his head on the pillow and help him bring up his legs so he has his back to the wall for balance and blah blah all know the visual.  He's SO happy.  I'm happy I made him happy.  Then he says the words that froze me in my tracks.  

"Hey, Mom!  YOU DO IT!!"  


The pleading look was more than I could take.  So I looked at him...and stood on my head.  He thought I was the coolest.  He was giggling like a nut.    and then....... my body said......."WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!!?!?  WE DID NOT AUTHORIZE THIS ACTIVITY!!!!!!"  uhh huh..  

I'm too damn old to stand on my head.  My body parts went nuts and my dinner (which happened to be BBQd pork sandwiches and some mac and cheese) went 'bbbllpphhhtt'.   (Note:  there was no actual throwing up.  the stomach just did not enjoy this particular activity.  ick.)

Note to self:  Resist pleading looks, puppy dogs eyes, and promises of coolness. 


  1. I think that is the coolest! I can't stand on my head, but I can do a back bend.
    You are awesome!


  2. LOL!!!  That is such a funny entry!  I know how you feel! I can't count how many times I have tried to do stuff that was a piece of cake when I was younger.  Then i try it and I am amazed that I cant do it anymore, or I do it and hurt big time later hahaha!

    Kara :)

  3. <LOL> I used to do some stunt work.... and I was just thinking the other day that NO way would I want to do any of that now... I don't seem to heal as well as I used to<g>... Still, your the coolest Mom for giving in to the pleading eyes!

  4. I'm very uncoordinated, but I remember how I learned to stand on my head in gym class, around 1958:  get top of head on the floor (mat), have elbows bent just right, and put knees on elbows.  Once you get that right, it's not too hard to go ahead and do a headstand.  I was able to stand on my head (with great difficulty) until about age 45.  Now I'm doing well to stand upright on my FEET!

  5. Ok so the puppy eyes won out .Let me tell you mine I was taking grandkids on a outing a walk in the woods well Just as we were having the best time I though I'll show them out to swing on a tree branch had did it many times Giggle giggle But I only weigh a kids weight hahahaha I took a run and snack! the tree branch broke ,........... needless to say I shouldn't have showed them this as a adult  I laid flat on my back and 4 grandkids looking down with big smiles ... hahaha But no fear my grandson Jeremy said Oh Mamam your the coolest !!
    I want to do it just as you did coming from a 5 year old . Yep gotta know what weigh you did those things and the year helps ....But I want you to know my back didn't hurt anymore either I was the coolest Mamma in town ( We Bad - means were Kool )

  6. my tummy feels for you tummy!!!  pleading eyes are something I, too, have a hard time resisting!

  7. LOL
    I usually tell the kids I could do that...BEFORE I gave birth to four babies!

  8. I can just picture yor sons face  At least you were able to do

  9. LOL! The things we do for our kids ;-)
    Glad neither one of you broke anything!

  10. If my kids put me up to a challenge like that I'm a taker!  It's usually the walking on hands stunt.  Their eyes just about pop out of there head when they see me do it.  I am getting too old though...the body doesn't quiet do the things like it used to.  :)


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