Wednesday, January 19, 2005



Gourmet again tonight for dinner.  I don't know how much longer I can take the gluttony.  Ryan cooked again, since Alex had CCD classes.  Are you ready?  I know you're dying to know what I ate.  

It was.........      


Totino's Pizza Rolls.   

..and not those lame plain cheese ones, either!!  Noooooo....I had Three Meat ones!  Yeah, honey!  I LOVE those things.   

Small Fry proclaimed he was not letting one pass his lips, so I said 'fine.  more for me.' and gave him some fish sticks - which he said were delicioso.  (He's SO bilingual!  ::giggle::)  

For dessert, I had......some Hall's Defense echinacea drops.  I do not need to get sick.  But...ok...that really wasn't for dessert.  I stuffed myself pretty well with the Pizza Rolls, so I'm not ready for dessert yet.......but I'll find something.  Some Famous Amos cookies are whispering my name in a very seductive way.  Will I resist?  ::blink blink::  why would I?!  hee hee......  


  1. You've got me STARVING now! If only we had "some" in the fridge. Actually, I'm gonna one up you: Tonight!! KFC Chicken Fried Steak, with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy to die for!! Sorry Charlie. rich

  2. I love pizza rolls!  Tonight we had Bagel Bites, so we're not far off.  I like that quickie frozen stuff.  Mother-of-the-year, I'm not.  Oh, and I can almost hear Dora saying, "Delicioso!"  How funny.

  3. I LOVE Totino's Pizza Rolls!! I used to make up one of the little boxes just for me for supper when I lived alone <LOL>

  4. Famous Amos Rule!!! lol * Mel

  5. Hey, at least she is cooking! :) I like your little chef graphic, BTW. :) He is cute!

  6. kind of dinner...quick and easy but yet tasty! LOL


  7. I have been looking at those in the store but havnt tried them yet .They do look good. I love your new all about me pic.

  8. Hehe, your making hungry talkin about those Famous Amos!!! :-)   Yummmy

    love, Meg from FRiendship Loyalty and Love =)


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