Saturday, January 1, 2005

Happy...err...oh, it's done?


Well, THAT came and went.  We had our tamales around 10 (which is when they finally were done).  I ate a dozen myself.  Yes, I know I'm a pig.  I've come to terms with that already.  It's ok.  :)  I think this batch are our best ones yet.  We shared some with the neighbors....came home...drank our 'faux-pagne' and watched Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years' Eve.  I was bummed that Dick Clark wasn't there due to a mild stroke, but it was still cool so see the ball drop.  I think we went to bed around 1-ish....I'm not sure.  I figure, after 12...there's really no point in watching the clock.

I'm not doing Resolutions.  I just don't.  There's no point.  Life is going to do what it wants no matter what you resolve, so ya may as well just hold on for dear my thinking...

Anyway....picture of us in all of our New Years glory will be forthcoming once I figure out the transferring of pictures from camera to computer.  (I'm just noticing a few hrs after I wrote this entry, that none of my other pictures are coming up.  That is SO NOT RIGHT!  This sucks.....::Amy gives a very mad face::)


  1. Hi Amy,
               how are you.  No your not a pig. I love tamales myself.  I cant wait to hear from you!!

  2. Congrats on being a pick of the week. As far as the animal photos go, I still haven't found a sure fire way to avoid the eye glare. Most of the time though my beagle's eyes wind up blue so it isn't all that bad :)

  3. Happy New Year!  I'm with ya on the whole resolutions thing, we should resolve to be better people everyday, not just at New Years anyway.  Congrats by the way...I got an email a few weeks ago from AOL, still haven't heard anything....

  4. i really need to make your tamales...every time u mention them my mouth waters..they are my favorite mexican food...yummm!!

    may u have a very happy and blessed new year...


  5. Happy new year too you too amy!!
    I didn't do any resolutions either. They are pointless and i always break them the first week! lol. So this year i didn't make any at all!
    btw-The only way i've ever been able to get those crazy eyes to stop glaring, is to turn off the flash and use normal lighting. It's works most of the time. lol


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