Sunday, January 30, 2005


AOL Weather says it's 72 degrees here today.  I say it's hotter than that.  ick.


Today is all about housework.  I just got frustrated that there are little messes here, there, and everywhere.  oh.....and paperwork.  UGH!  There is paperwork all over the damn place.  It's driving me insane.  The worst part?  It's all Jesse's paperwork, and he 'doesn't have time' to go thru it all.  ppfftt.  I dumped it all in a box and off my countertops.  If he needs something, I guess he'll know where it is.   At any rate, Ryan came into the kitchen, stopped, and said 'wow...' and went on.    As anyone with teens knows, this is a high compliment.  LOL  I think I'm going by the thought of....if it's clean and it stays clean, packing/moving won't be such a pain.  (No, don't get excited...I'm not moving this month or anything.  I just want to at least prepare myself a little now rather than be overwhelmed later.)                                          know......just a boring day for us here.  I'll actually be cooking real food for dinner.  Fried chicken, friedpotatoes, beans with bacon.  Ryan requested it, and the kitchen's clean, so why not.  Seems a little strange having a clean kitchen, anyway



  1. I wish they would stop making paper and use something else What u say ? I don't know But I have paper and I too pack it in a bend hahaha .........Heat wave here in Fl  73 tomorrow it will be as well as the week 65......... Oh love the cook... eat what I cook !got a chuckle

  2. i have the same problem at my home..but its not paperwork hubby has taken over the counte, floor, kitchen table...anywhere he can find he has invaded with his computer parts and crap..its everywhere!! it drives me insane...every week or so he will sort through it and put some of it away and then a day or 2 later its all back out...grrrr...i am having to learn to live with it i guess...i hope u have a nice sunday...and what time is dinner? it sounds wonderful!!


  3. send the warm weather my way so my back steps wont be a sheet of ice.

  4. it seems like htere is a heatwave hitting...we got up to 29 today!!  almost warm enough for the ice to melt...almost!!!

  5. a house NEVER stays clean. with our house, its one thing gets clean ie the whole entire kitchen but 5 minutes later the whole table is filled with junk. LOL its insane!

  6. LOL ... housework? What's that? My "housework" now entails just throwing stuff out! I got so tired of picking up after everyone...trying to "organize" everything for everyone...because, of course, it only stays that way for 5 minutes! Now I figure if one of the kids just leaves something lying around, untouched, for too long ... they must not need it! So into the trash it goes!

  7. Sounds like you really "cleaned up" your act. Good on ya! Dinner sounds good, be right over. Are you going somewhere? Have I missed something? Am I as dumb as I look? Help me, please? rich

  8. Why do house work when you can be journaling?
    BTW ... I for one am very glad to live in the
    Sunshine State right now, look at Boston!
    Actually, I'm always glad to be living here.                  

                               *** Coy ***


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