Sunday, January 2, 2005

I like it!!

                                       Hamilton Beach Brew Station

I've finally decided.  I got a Hamilton Beach Brew Station for Christmas, and I've been uncertain about it replaced my other baby.  The plain simple basic coffeemaker I've had for years and years.  It was hard to even put it away.  Can you believe Jesse wanted to THROW IT away?!  I covered the coffeepot and said 'How dare you!  Shh!  She'll hear you!!'  BUT.....I gave the new one a try.  Jesse set it up, and I've been using it for the past few days and......    


I feel like I cheated on my old coffeepot, but yet, the new one is calling to me.  'Amyyyyyyy.....your coffee is READY!  You didn't even have to get up and make coffee bleary eyed....I'm programmable!!  ohhhhh Amyyyyyyyyy'  So....the decision is.... It's a thing of beauty, eh?  

In other news that most of you can probably take or leave.....I have to do laundry today.  I'm on my last pair of underwear, and they're Granny Panties.  I'll say this now.  I have no idea why they were in my drawer or who bought them for me (because I KNOW *I* didn't buy them for myself) and noone will ever convince me that they're comfortable.  Crimeny, these things could go up to my chin if I didn't fold 'em down a few times!!!!  (and if anybody says 'Well, maybe they got mixed up with your laundry from the Laundromat' - first of all EW EW EW EW EW...and second of all...I don't go to the Laundromat, so hmm) ....the point there?  Keep an eye on your clothes so you can wash before you have to resort to the emergency underwear.  

It's a sunshiney day, so some outside activities should be forthcoming for us.  I think I'll see if Jesse wants to go to the beach today.  It must be warmer than I realized because I'm seeing some young guy wander down the street minus his shirt. 


  1. We do love our Brewstation; isn't it great?

  2. That's a nice coffee day i'd like to get the one with the double burners we go thru so much coffee here I need a heavy duty one...and talk about laundry, I'm never caught up!

  3. Hey! I'm new to your journal and I have only read this entry but I already love it! The whole pants thing made me laugh! I will definatly be coming back!
    Take Care
    Love Amy XxX

  4. Hi Amy, i dont like wearing those kinda panties eather. BUT, sometimes i have to. I have to fold mine under when i have to wear them. Ha,Ha,Ha.

  5. last year my son asked me what i wanted for xmas so i told him a new coffee maker figuring hed buy a 20.00 coffee maker. Boy was i wrong. He bought me 98.00 cuisanart coffee maker .It self cleans, it has a filter,it has three plate settings and it beeps when its done brewing.  I still dont know how to use all its     Oh on the underware thing i say go without if thats whats left in the

  6. I too got one of these coffee makers for Christmas... I love mine!!! I seem to drink more coffee now that my coffee isn't burnt in 1/2 hour. It is good to store the other one because if this one breaks for some reason, you don't have to rush out to get another one.

  7. Granny panties...I guess it's ok that I admit I DO buy and wear the damn things!  
    Lovely coffee pot, very stylish.  I'm a Diet Coke person, only drink coffee when it doesn't taste like coffee...I know, for shame!


    Today is he first time I viewed your journal and it is quite refreshing, saw the family picture and you indeed have a wonderful family..Kay from Long Island

  9. blah blah blah, now cut the crap and show some skin baby,

  10. (responding to Otto)
    No skin today, Otto...try back tomorrow..  LOL


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