Thursday, January 27, 2005

..just fillin' up space...


I'm sure you're all dying to know even more about me, huh?'s a space filler....  :)

1. First best friend: GeriLynn Schultz 

2. First love: My dog, BooBoo

3. First real kiss: I can't even

4. First screen name: Cripes....that was way back when AOL was on 3.0...I can't remember that, either...

5. First pet: BooBoo.....the most loyal, simply gorgeous cock-a-poo on the face of the earth

6. First car: A Monte Carlo that was so old, we could never figure out if it was silver or blue

1. Last cigarette: Never...

2. Last kiss: Small Fry, an hour ago

3. Last good cry: Ahh...the joy of hormones....

4. Last beverage drank: Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper

5. Last food consumed: Shrimp and garlic bread

6. Last crush: The foxy guy I married  :)

7. Last phone call: Jesse

1.Who is your best friend: my cat.....she alwaysknows the right thing to meow

2. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend: while I'm sure the hub wouldn't mind if I had a girlfriend, the boyfriend thing may be a little hard to pull off....


1. Where are your favorite places to shop: Target

2. Type of clothing: Pajama pants 'n T shirts

1. Do you do drugs: no, but that's not to say I don't need some...

2. What kind of shampoo do you use: Pantene is the only kind that doesn't make my hair look fried

3. What are you most worried about? I've got all kinds of worries...I'm an obsessive type...

4. What would you change about yourself: ...have more sexier...

1. Colors: ....this color

2. Foods: Frijoles a la charra, tamales, avocado

3. Subject in school: English....maybe art

4. Animals: That's like asking which one of my kids is my fair...

5. Sports: Hockey

6. Movie: Tommy Boy, Funny Farm, Baby Boom....funny ones..


1. Given anyone a bath: hee hee....::ahem:: 

2. Smoked: Nope...

3. Made yourself throw-up: Yep.  Sometimes I have stomach aches so bad that the only thing that will fix it is throwing up.  It's gross but sometimes I just gotta....

4. Skinny dipped: nope

5. Been in love: I should hope so!! 



1. Clothes: shorts, t shirt, and socks

2.  Music:  On A Sunday Afternoon - Lighter Shade of Brown

3. Make-up: nope

4. IMs: none

1. Hugged: Small Fry....he was in my lap snuggling..

not sure what happened to # 2...

3. Last person who slept at your house: umm....??

1. In the morning I am: in desperate need of coffee....

2. Love is: unconditional

3. I dream about: being financially secure for the rest of my life

1. 7 years ago: I was 27...just bein' a mom...

2. 4 years ago: pretty much the same thing I'm doin' now.....

3. 3 years ago: see above

4. 1 hour ago: watching TV with Ryan

5. Tomorrow: the days run together for me.  Today...Tomorrow...same difference..

6. College: yes?


  1. And the survey says!! Nice to know you, better. rich

  2. Even if they are space fillers...they are a great way to get to know one another.  Fun to read!!

  3. I swear you must be a sister seperated at birth , I totally love those movies you mentioned and have them on dvd! I love those heartfelt good time movies that make ya laugh and all that.. :) Miss M*


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