Monday, January 24, 2005

Knight Rider and other thoughts

I was thinking about something's kinda it's so cold...and we are all here saying 'Uh uh...I'm not going out side...Noooooo's too cold, no thank you.' and snows.....and suddenly it's not too cold...or if it is, we forget, because for a second...that falling snow makes everything just stop.....  

Yes, aren't I pensive today.  

In other ramblings....Alex is flipping channels today on TV and he comes upon Knight Rider.  We watch it, because...well...he likes Knight Rider.  Heck, *I* liked Knight Rider when it first came out, too.  But now that I'm older, I have to laugh at it.  In this episode, we are expected to believe that 1). A car can talk (ok...I might go along with that) and have a personality, 2). David Hasselhoff can sing well enough to get a contract, 3). Davis Haselhoff aka Michael Knight understands binary.  OH COME ON!  I'd go along with it if KITT was supposed to understand binary, but David Hasselhoff?!  I burst out laughing when the word 'binary' came out of his mouth.  Yes, I know....I'm so mean. 


  1. I remember when that show was so popular .. even in Spain it was a hit! Amazing.. ha ha ha.. I think its a bit silly now . but now Im older.. lol*
    :) Miss M*

  2. this made me my husband had the day off and we also had the knight rider mini marathon on a good portion of the day...i also found that it was more humorous now and not as enjoyable as it was when i was younger...but it was fun to relive my youth for a bit...have a nice evening!



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