Friday, January 14, 2005

La Cucaracha.... :)


I have no idea why underwear is so damn humorous in my family, but........  

Last night Jesse was in our (walk in) closet..changing underwear, because the previous pair had torn (I know...I should be more careful *wink*).  It was night time...the kids were all in bed....I was in bed...  so then Ryan gets up to get some water before she falls asleep, and yells "Daddy!  Come get this cockroach!!!!  AAAAAAAAAAA" so there's Jesse stumbling over himself trying to put the underwear and pajama pants on to run out there and save the day.  ::whack whack::  "AAAAAAAA"  "AAAAAAAA....move!  move!!  go get a chair!!"  ::whackwhack::  ::WHACK!::  ::sigh::  I hear the exhale of relief that the offending bug has been killed.  Ryan goes on into the kitchen.  Jesse comes back into the room, chuckling to himself.  I'm like 'You got it, huh?'  He laughs and says yeah.....but then he says "You know, this is the closest time I'm ever going to get to wearing thongs for you, so enjoy it...." and he drops his pajama pants....and his underwear are on backwards.  LMGDAO.....I was DYIN'....I mean I could not breathe, I was laughing so hard.  It was funny enough to see him tripping over himself stumbling around trying to pull the underwear ON...but then to have them there he is trying to kill the icky bug with a massive wedgie.  Ohhhhhhhhh, the hilarity.  

.........or maybe you had to be there......ROFL


  1. lol.. now there is a visual.

    Take the cockroach off of there. It gives me the creeeps.


  2. I agree with the other poster... that roach has to go!  When I was a kid, every crummy house we moved into had roaches.  Mother would buy an arsenal of Stanley Home Products' "Surekill" and do battle.  

    Cliff and I got them in a double-wide mobile home we lived in once... I called the exterminaters so fast it would make your head spin.

  3. hahaha I think If I were there I would of been crying with laughter!!! LOL
    much love meg=)

  4. that is hillarious you must have died laughing

  5. I think you need to try and stage this hopes of catching him in a repeat performance.  Very funny!  


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