Friday, January 28, 2005

Little bit o' this..little bit o' that...


Yesterday, my neighbor came over to chat and she says to me 'Have you lost weight?  You look thinner!'  I said 'Umm...I don't think so....I think it's just because I'm usually wearing baggy clothes and today I have shorts on, so....' But, guess what!  I lost 5 lbs!  Don't ask me how, but I weighed myself and went '!'  

In other 'exciting' news.... I cannot freakin' sleep!!  It's been 2 AM before I'm finally able to be tired enough to sleep.  I've been getting wicked headaches, too...although I'm getting 8 hours of sleep, since I usually wake up at 9 or 10.  Then again....the headaches could be related to when I THOUGHT I could stand on my head.  @@   

Ryan has been the busy bee today.  She finished all of the books she got on eBay and is waiting for the next bunch to arrive (Dear America books).....and decided to make candles.  They came out so cool!!!  I think I'm going to have her make some for me.  I can always find cool colors, but the shapes are not attractive, so this will solve my problem.  I like the big candles....  

Cute anecdote for the day...from the cat (and not Small Fry?!  LOL).  It's been pretty warm here the past few days, but my feet are still cold, so I have the space heater onunder my desk.  The cat wandered past and realized it was warm under the desk, and she has been camping out on my feet for the past 30 minutes.  She keeps attacking my sock, too.  (Damn it, cat!  LOL)  

What else......hmm....oh yeah.  I hate pretentious people.  and people who try to tell you how to raise your own kids..  ..and people who try to talk like they know what they're saying and are so adamant about it, and then you find out they're talking out their...umm..... yeah.  So....... just a few minor annoyances in my day. (OK...who took the sunshine and flowers away?!  )  

Dinner is for sure going to be something easy.  No 5 course meal tonight.  I'm sure everyone is disappointed.  My gourmet repertoire is about exhausted.  First boxed pizza, then frozen this, followed by frozen that.  The more that I'm thinking about it......maybe we should just fend for ourselves tonight.  Yeah..that'll work.  Last night, though.......I feel I should mention......we all kind of snacked around and no one was really hungry for a real dinner.  Then around 11 PM, Ryan says to me "I'm hungry."  I looked at her with an eyebrow raised.....and she said 'Well, I'm going to make some fried chicken and some home made fries...'  (yes, at 11 PM) we ate dinner at 11:30.  Really great for the digestive system.  Eat fried foods and then lay down. WAS good...                                                                  

.....and that concludes my exciting existence for today..........   


  1. I would LOVE to have some fried chicken and homemade fries at 11:00 pm, (or any time, really!)  Sounds great, and who cares what others might say about the health detriment factor...then again, I'm having Pringles for dinner right now, so I'm not exactly an authority!

  2. congrats on losing the weight...but u are going to gain it back if u continue eating fried foods at 11:30 pm! LOL i remember my kids getting the dear america books and i would read them too...they were so good and very funny about your cat...i have a heating pad on at the foot of my bed under the covers and my cats all take turns as to who gets to sleep on it! LOL hope u have a nice weekend..(how about oatmeal for dinner? i read on another journal that that was what tehy were having tonight LOL)


  3. Sometimes we have ice cream for dinner!!!!

  4. "Have you lost weight" is, as far as I'm concerned, one of the BEST compliments one can get!!! And darn it, I haven't heard that in a L-O-N-G time!


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