Friday, January 28, 2005

Major pimping


There is some major pimping from me to Linny at Linny's Lucious Lickings.  I made her pumpkin bread last night.  This bread is deeeeeeelish.  Y'all will love this...Small Fry ate TWO SLICES!  I was stunned.  Alex had three slices.....Ryan had two.  I had one (slathered with butter), but only because Small Fry told me I better leave him enough for breakfast.  ROFL  Thank you for the recipe, Linny!!!


  1. Yum, that pumpking bread sounds really good for thanksgiving. ill have to check it out, or perhaps whip some up, even though Im a diaester in the kitchen! :-P

    love, Meg <3

  2. We looooove Linny!
    and the Pumpkin Bread
    looks pretty awesome too!
              *** Coy ***


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