Friday, January 21, 2005



Le menu, mademoisselle?    

I'm sure you're all waiting with bated breath wondering what wonderful concoction we had for dinner.  No?  Oh.  Well.  Nevermind then.    


hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...yeah right.  Like I can just end the entry like that.  I'm addicted to yapping my trap.  ::giggle::  

We had...........Lil Smokies (with cheese) wrapped in crescents.  SOOOOO very yummy.  Word of warning though.  Don't eat too many.  They make your tummy make ugly rumblies if you do.  My kids are loving this week.  I should cook like this all the time.  It's not like Jesse cares.  All he asks is that he has Diet Coke with his food.  WHAT the food is, he doesn't care.  The man has eaten escargot, for petes sake.  That's an indication he'll eat anything.  Me?  Nooooo sorry.  *I* didn't touch the funky snails.  He liked it though. *shiver*                                                                 


Hmm...I'll admit .....I have my share of weird food likes.....but NEVER will escargot make the list.  Smokies...sure.  Snails?  um.  no.  

Let me know...c' know you want to.  What weird foods do ya like?  You don't have to sign your real name!!  heee hee hee hee......  


  1. Well there is the Fritos with strawberry cream cheese...but that's really not wierd, is it?  More eccentric than anything...yeah, that's it - eccentric.  lol

  2. MMM, Love little smokies!

  3. I'm hearing Steve Martin, in "The Jerk" yelling to the waiter in the French Restaraunt..."There are *SNAILS* on the lady's *PLATE*!"  Ick.  I like Ruffles and M&M's together.  Is that weird?

  4. I Love  Potatoe chips and Dill pickles Now before you say Yuck ! Try them they areGrrrrrrrrrrrrreat !

  5. ok....I'm noticing alot of y'all like a 'salty' with a 'sweet'.....that's kinda weird.  I like salty and sweet, but one AFTER the other..not together.  hee hee....I used to LOVE brownies and CheezIts together tho....

  6. Hi Amy!!!

    I loved "pigs in a blanket" when I was a kid!!!! I havent had those for years!!!!  As far as weird foods I dont consider any thing I like weird hehehe.  I love shrimp and pizza and burgers and fries!!!!  AND Heath Blizzards from Dairy Queen YUMMY!!!!!

    Have a great weekend and thanks so much for visiting my journal!!!  Let's keep in touch!!

    Kara :)

  7. I like peanut butter with any fruit or veggie, also with just honey. MMMMMMMMgood

  8. I love those little pigs in blankets!  Hmmm, weird food... well, I don't think its weird, but I eat sashime,which is raw fish.  I also eat oysters... but I don't do them raw... tried it once and almost hurled... it was like swallowing a huge loogie!  I've tried turtle and liked it, tried alligator... it was like chewing rubber... My aunt used to suck on deep fried fish eyes... I passed on that.  Don't like fish eggs either.  I eat seaweed... and Kim chee!


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