Wednesday, January 12, 2005

not feelin' it today....

...thinking there won't be much of an entry today.  Just not feelin' it.

Things are going on in my brain that I need to organize. 

I'll leave you with this though.....a poem from Dad's Tomato Garden Journal.....

I Never Knew A Night So Black


  1. feel better and organize well..if that makes sense lol!
    love meg = )

  2. Nice poem in dads tomato garden.

    " It is impossible to lose your footing while on your knees. "

    But i think i liked the quote even more ;-)


  3. I have those days where I have nothing at all to say...not much goes on around here worth talking about seems like the same old stuff...I need more drama I think!

  4. When you have an online journal, it's like you almost feel obligated to post each day.  There are journals I check daily, and if there is no post when I get home from work, I am disappointed.  Like others aren't as busy as me?  Yeah right!  You should post when you feel drawn to, and never when you don't.  We'll check back!


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