Monday, January 24, 2005

Old Houses and exhaustion

I an old drafty house.  It was built next to a river many many (MANY) years ago.  Then there was the threat of a flood and they up and moved the whole house to this location.  It's creaky and squeaky, for sure.  The insulation sucks.  No really, when I say it's a good thing we live in Florida, I mean it.  I'd freeze to death in this house if we didn't.  We've been working on renovating little by little.  You really would not believe how this house looked when we bought it.  I'll just say that buying gallon upon gallon of pink paint, even if it happens to be on sale is NEVER a good thing.  We've repainted alot, but we still need to crawl under the house (ew!  creepy!) and insulate the floor......or get carpet, which I don't think I want since the hardwood floors are so pretty.... SO...(getting to the point of the've just learned to deal.  But, today I was sitting here in the front room, which is one of the coldest rooms in the house (duct work issue, methinks) thinking 'Gawd...I can't feel my fingers!  I gotta buy a space heater or something.....'  Two minutes later I think 'Wait a minute.......don't we HAVE a space heater?!'  Turns out...we had purchased one TWO YEARS AGO...and I am so dense that I just suffered in this cold room for 2 years.  Cripes.  So, I plugged it in, turned it on...and defrosted. this is the warmest room in the house...hee hee...oh, the joy.......I can stay online allllll day without attending to my frostbitten fingers!!!!    (um.  yes, I know I'm a dork.)   


In other news, I cannot shake this utter exhaustion.  The past few weeks, I have simply been wiped out.  Moreso than usual.  I don't know what's wrong with me, but just making dinner tonight, as soon as everything was ready, I didn't want to eat, I wanted to sleep!  It wasn't even that big of an ordeal....I just made burgers and some mac 'n cheese, for petes sake!!!  ugh.....  

Maybe I'll go to bed early for a change......


  1. OMG I know what your talking about ....My house is old and cold too and we only have little heaters is too cold for ... I told mu husband he is insulating for next year and putting in central heat...brrrrrrrrrr!!!!!... I hope it gets warmer soon.... NIce reading your journal...First time......

  2. Are you pregnant?  Exhaustion was always my first symptom.  Also, you might want to get a checkup; you could be anemic.  I know all about the trials of living in an old house, by the way.  It's all I've ever known.

  3. I feel it's hard on you the cold and I feel it too living in a park model But I think God for being in anything warm with the winter that were having now ...
    didn't your Hubby know about the heater you had for 2 years ? Oh well I buy things and forget I bought them too..Stay warm and try to please eat a little ok ?Here comes the airplane coming with a bite of mac/cheese open up hehehe remember as children ?

  4. Hey! Thanks so much for giving me a link to your journal! I scanned through a bit ... guess what? My family and I live in Florida too! And we have been oh so whiney about this recent cold snap! Then we turn on the weather channel ... see houses up north with snow up to their rooftops ... and think: 35 degrees tonight? ~ whoa, we're having a heat wave down here!!!!!

  5. Hope you get some rest soon!!! :) Miss M*

  6. Lol you crack me up! Sounds like sleep is just what you need for your delirium(is that even a word?) :::tee hee:::
    Sweet dreams....


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