Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Pimpin' and pajamas


The first part of this entry is a little pimpin', because my buddy, Angel of A Lil' Country Charm! is more hilarious than she lets on.   


Funny stuff for the day......is that Small Fry has taken to being more like me every day.  You may or may not know, but I LOVE pajama pants.  I wear 'em most of the time...unless I'm going somewhere, in which case...you know...real clothes.  So, anyway, it's around 6:00 and he says to me..."I think I should change my clothes!"  Sure, why not.  He's had his pajamas on all day, but if it makes him happy, what do I care, right?!  He comes back 2 minutes later with a different set of pajamas on.  ROFL   


OK...maybe it isn't as funny now that I type it out as it was when it happened. 


  1. I think its funny my granddaughter does the same thing...she come home from school and asks to put her nightgown on......I think it gives her comfort ....I know it does for  me...lol ...TOO cute!

  2. Sweats for me, in the winter.  I love 'em!

  3. LOL..they just like making more laundry for us to do! havent u learned that lesson yet? u will, beleive me...u will!


  4. lol Awe how cute...

    Peace to you and yours ;o) Renee

  5. How cute...smart kid!

    You know, I always scoff at college girls who wear their pajama pants out in public, but I think deep down I envy them.  Because if I'm home, I'm in pajama pants...any time of the day or night!  And on weekends and sick days, I have been known to change into fresh pajamas instead of actually getting dressed.

  6. HeHeHe....I couldn't help! I totally saw "them" and nobody else would admit it, until I MADE them see what WAS there!! It's still cracking me up!!!
    {He comes back 2 minutes later with a different set of pajamas on.  ROFL} OMgoodness Jared does this too! I just love pj bottoms. I usually wear Joey's when he's gone (keeps him close, i guess...) lol.

  7. Kis are so funny.  I just want to keep them "kids" forever!!!! ~Amy

  8. Hey I ' d rather see them in PJ pants then some of the stuff I see these High school kids wear to school.  My family makes fun of me because I wear sandals all year, you know the swim team kind even in the snow...I just pretend I am in California NOT illinois!  

  9. Well of course he put on more PJs! I mean ... doesn't everybody wear PJ's all day long? Or is it just me? :-)

  10. Not being a "dirty old man" or anything, just picturing you running around, all the time, in pajama "pants". No tops? Sorry, I had to ask. rich

  11. sooooo cute .Is he for Rent...lol I could use a few laughs.


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