Tuesday, January 11, 2005

A place for everybody

Boy sits on cat post.  Cat sits in rocking chair.  Makes perfect sense, eh?  (oh, and ignore that creepy ghost orb in the picture.  :-X)

Notice that the cats have torn the scratching part all to bits - which is why we bought another one....


  1. I have found children and animals always prefer to sti where they are not supposed to!  

  2. Funny entry. Btw what is that orb like thingy? It is creepy. :-P

    have a great one!!!

    much love, Meg from Friendship Loyalty n Love

  3. Cute photo.  A boy and his cat.  Love you cat, reminds me of some of my own in the past, :::sigh:::
    Orbs, I know of someone that goes apepoop when you mention that word!  LOL!

  4. hahaha sounds like how it is around here too! the animals think the furniture is for them...they have no idea what the floor is for! great pic!


  5. Funny how some things just are!

  6. and both look perfectly happy too.  even the orb...  lol  ~Sie

  7. When my girls were little we used to visit some friends who had 2 very big dogs... who had very big dog beds... and when my girls arrived, they kicked the dogs off the beds and remained there until we left.  The poor dogs 'had' to lay on the couches instead.  After a while a while the dogs just went straight to the couch when we arrived.  It wasn't their fault... the little girls MADE them sit on the couch!


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