Thursday, January 6, 2005

Quiet Day

Today will be pretty mundane.  I already did dishes and some laundry and now I guess the rest of the afternoon is mine to play with the kids or play on the computer.  Today's my birthday, BUT...I don't think we're celebrating very much.  Jesse has to work tonight, so maybe some time in the future.  He did have Ryan give me his present to me, though.  PCs for Dummies.  I guess this is his way of saying 'Now stop asking ME to fix your computer!'?  Ah well....  

It's really beautiful outside today.....cloudy but warm, and the wind is blowing.  I may just go outside and play with the squirrels....or the dog chasing the of the two...   

Happy Three Kings' Day to all of you who celebrate.......


  1. Happy Birthday.  

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!! May all of your wishes and dreams come true xoxoxox

  3. Happy Birthday! Since it's going to be a quiet one, do something just for you. ~Sie

  4. Happy Birthday to you...
    Happy Birthday to you...
    Happy Birthday dear A-meeeee
    Happy Birthday to you!!!

  5. Happy Birthday!!!  Since it's quiet...sneak off and go have some fun!  See if they notice you are gone.  :)

  6. Happy birthday xxxxxxxxx I have the windows book for dummies and use it loads.....Jules xxxxxxx

  7. Hope you have a great birthday ;)

    Im glad you stopped by at my journal. Its so great to know my bloggin buddies are always there. Enjoy the great weather, up here in NJ its COLD RAINY and DISGUSTING. Id give anything for some sun and heat! lol have a great one..
    love, Meg

  9. Happy Birthday!!

  10.  SORRY- SORRY We did not know that it was your Birthday, I am sure that it was mentioned , but I just missed it. I won't let that happen again. We hope that you had a happy Day, and we are sure that you did. Your journal is so interesting and it's read every day. Forgive us.

    Dad ,Mary and Princess. Your Tennessee Friends.


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