Friday, January 7, 2005

Sunny days..everybody loves them....but me

 First of all.....thank you SO much to all of you who sent me birthday really did mean alot to me...  :)


It's 80 degrees currently, and I got all excited because I saw a storm cloud coming in, but I checked the weather report and we've got no rain predicted.  What a bummer.  I love when it rains.  Weird, but rainy days seem to energize me more than sunny days.  Clouds, windy rain....::sigh::  ....makes me happy.  <g>  I should live in Seattle instead of in Florida....  

This weekend will consist of me taking down all of the Christmas stuff.  It'll be nice to have the house a little more streamlined.  I am, by no means, a clean freak....but all of the brick-a-brack was starting to get to me.  Although, now I'm going to have a few bare spots where 'stuff' from Christmas was.  Hmm...maybe I should do some furniture my favorite place in the world....Broyhill Furniture .  ANYTHING from the Vintage World Collection would be mighty fine for me......  

We went to bed LATE last night, since Jesse got off work at 9:30....and then we went to Burger King to celebrate my birthday.   I did not, however, wear the paper crown.  Sorry, folks, I know you were hoping for a picture. anyway, hopefully, I will get to bed before 2:00 AM tonight.  Jesse's doing his Reserves weekend, so that's always a good chance for me to catch up on sleep and housework.....


  1. ...darn! That would of been a funny pic too! Happy Belated Birthday Amy ;-)

  2. I am not trying to be weird or anting but how do you carry on off-line conversations from this. I enjoy your writting and I fear will not get a response from merely responding to your blog.

    Hope I am not asking to much

  3. Note to the previous commenter:  Feel free to email me at  AOL is saying you are not a known member - cuz I tried to email you about your other comment.  :)  Weirdness....

  4. I wish you would have worn the crown from Burger King and then posted for all to see.  It make a lot of us smile out here in J-land.  I'm jealous that you have all your decorations down...but I'm getting there.  LOL

  5. Ooh, I love storms too!  Something about the dark skies and the sense of expectation in the air makes me feel so alive.  We get a lot more rain than I'm used to here in Philly...but it's just rain and rain and more boring rain.  I miss the scary Oklahoma storms, the ones that blow up suddenly and catch you off guard and then hang in the air forever, leaving you to wonder what's going to happen next.

  6. One man's meat is another man's poison.


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