Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Thank you!


While the Editors spotlight still shines, I'd like to say THANK YOU to all of you who have come by and read my journal, those of you who have left comments... those of you who have emailed.....and those of you who have left your journal links for me to read.  It has made me feel so happy to know that I've made you smile in some way...

I've met some wonderful people because of the Editors Pick, so.....while it's always easy to bag on AOL (yes, I'll admit it...I've done it..especially when I get those dang error messages 27 times...LOL), they've really done somthin' good this time (for me anyway..) 

::Amy tips her hat::


  1. You're welcome. LOL! And thanks for getting me started. Not sure how long I will keep going, but, it is fun, just like you promised. And GASP!!! Did I hear you say something nice about AOL? Where is Amy and what have you done with her??? LOL! Ok .. I have to admitt, too ... they do have some pretty neat stuff.

  2. Congrats again.  I've offically become addicted to your blog.  

  3. i felt the same way when i was chosen...u get more friends and find lots more wonderful journals to visit...your site deserved the honor...many hugs my friend..


  4. thank you for leaving a comment in my journal and a link to your journal. I love your journal and you have a regular visitor now :)......Jules xxxxxxxx

  5. It was well deserved, you have a great journal here...I love your style of writing...keep up the great work!!

  6. You deserve it! I'm still so happy for you!


  7. Congrats! Lucky sunny place for you! Cool Journal.
    Lots of snowy icy days in VA mountains... :) _rRose


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