Sunday, January 23, 2005

Umm..... ???

Did I just say I would be alerting the media if it snowed at my house?  Tonights' low is supposed to be 28 here in central Florida.  If we had some precipitation in the forecast, we COULD HAVE gotten snow.  LOL.....oh, the things that amuse me.  I spend far too much time with the Weather Channel.


I've been in an odd mood lately.  Not bad, not sad, just...odd.  So, in saying that I'm in an odd mood, then one can expect weird things to come out of me tonight, right?  Yeah....that'll work.   

What I was going to say was.......Do you ever just sorta journal hop...and find a journal you really enjoy....decide you're going to put it in your daily reads...and then glance at their daily reads and find your own journal link there?!  Little things that make me happy.   

Other odd things for the day......Adrian comes up to me very seriously and says 'I believe...that I am loco in the cabeza.'  LOL....yep, the abuelitos are really going to love this kid on a daily basis.   

Even more odd things...... I COOKED!  Real food!  ok, part of the meal was frozen, but since the other two weren't, one Xs out the other right?  or anyone following me?  Oh nevermind.  I made frozen french toast sticks, sausage links and scrambled eggs.  Imagine my surprise that Small Fry ate it without complaint.  Usually if I haven't made chicken nuggets for him, he feigns illness...but he just kinda looked at me and said 'Do I like that?' and I said 'Yes.'  He said 'When's the last time I had that then?  I don't remember it!'  I said 'Look, boy o' mine.  Try it.  You can dip it in syrup.  and if you don't like it, then you'll starve to death and your limp body will be on the 10 o'clock news.'  I kid you not when I say he looked at me with no expression at all and said 'You are SO dramatic.'  Me?  I'm the dramatic one?!  Well, whatever, but he ate the food I made and lived to tell the tale......  so, you's a good day for me.  :)


  1. Hahahah your so funny with Yes I cooked Well half I cooked you crack me up Thanks for the laughs .......

  2. those were the days! i remember my kids looking at something i made for dinner and asking me if they had eaten it before and if they had liked it LOL  kids can be so funny!


  3. I really enjoy hearing and reading about your life Thanks again

  4. I miss those days! my youngest would only eat hotdogs,pb&j and cheeze sandwiches. I would tell him he use to eat it all the time...he didnt believe me. when he was 2 he ate raw thin slices of onion with salt and peper with my
    he is 22 and wont touch onions now, but boy did he love them then.  Linda

  5. LOL  Too funny!  I love the scrunched up nose look I get from my youngest when he comes and takes a peek at what I'm cooking.  "What is that?"  he always asks.  I want to tell him "fried eyeballs" or something creative but just haven't had the heart to do it.  Loved this entry!

  6. Glad to hear you are having a good day! I'm in FL too.. and yes , its been chillin! ;) Miss M*


  7. Fun journal.  I like you, but I have come asking a little favor.  I am jumping around because I have a brand new blog, just started it today and it's alone and cold and comment-less . . .   so, PLEASE visit just once.  It's long, but it'll never happen again.

    Thanks!  I'll be back!


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