Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Weekend Assignment


My first thought was 'Is it the weekend already?!'  

My second thought was 'How many entries have I put in this journal today?!  People are going to start to think I have no life....wait a don't have a life.....why are you trying to con all these nice people into believing otherwise?!'  

So, you know.....just a conversation with the split personalities....'s the Weekend Assignment from The BlogfatherAll I can say is YIKES.....  

Weekend Assignment #45: It's karaoke time. Pick a song to sing and explain why you chose it. The Weekend Assignment.....hahahahahahahahaha...ohhhh, are NOT going to want me to do karaoke anywhere near you.....for sure.  Not in your state, possibly not in this country.  See me in a Japanese Karaoke Bar, where they can't understand any English and are too drunk to care if I'm yodeling like a dying cat. THAT BEING SAID...........I'm definitely not picking Ice, Ice, about...........Friends in Low Places? (with the mysterious 3rd verse?  hahahahaha) always wins over the crowd even if you sound terrible, so hmm......  

 Extra Credit: Recall the worst karaoke performance you ever heard (or, if you're brave, ever performed). You can change the names to protect the guilty if youlike.

To be honest, I avoid any and all Karaoke like the plague for fear that someone will try to make me sing....  <g>


  1. LOL  life what is a life??  is that something we are supposed to have?

  2. Good choice of songs! That one definately always wins over a crowd ;-)  I think i would have to pick  "Here in the real world" tee-hee...
    Love & Hugs,

  3. I work at a bar that has Karaoke on Thrusdays and that song is a favorite and usually song by a crowd of people! it's great!
    ~ Promise

  4. I love karaoke but my husband hates it, he says I sing like an old woman!!...Jules xxx

  5. I think I'll go to "New York" and do it "My Way", then I got it covered. rich


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