Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Where did the time go....




...woke up late today....which was nice.  bummed around the house.....and sat out on the back porch for a was THAT gorgeous outside today.   

Earlier today, I saw something that really made me stop.  I was on the computer, and Ryan came down the hallway and she said 'Oh, that's pretty...the sun is shining thru the trees on those birds...' and she walked off.  I got up and looked.  Robins.  My most favorite bird.  There were about 20 in my yard...just hopping around in the sun...all happily.  It gave me chills, for some reason, though....  like it was some sort of sign...or..I don't know.  It was just strange though.....  and then, I glanced down at the cat, who was rubbing on my leg, and then looked back out in the yard and they were gone.  I dunno....I've been privvy to some 'feelings', but I can never figure them out...  Am I rambling?  Yes...but only because I don't know how to put into words what I'm trying to say.  

I have no idea where the time went though, because it was 5:00 before I knew it, so I had to get everybody ready for CCD classes.  I was a little worried about the car starting, because I hadn't used it for a while, but she fired right up.  Talk about relief....  soo...we did church, had some fun at the playground....and then went to the grocery store for some stuff...  I don't usually do any shopping without the husband, but I had to go.  Toilet paper was needed, and I was not going to wipe my hiney with a scratchy paper towel.    While I was there, I picked up some shrimp and had them steam it so all I had to do was cook some fettuccini, dump in alfredo, and call it dinner. some whole garlic organic bread, too...  not that I noticed a taste difference in regular whole garlic and organic ...but that was the only one left.  It went over reasonably well with Small Fry, too, so I was happy about that.  Maybe there is an end to the chicken nugget obsession in sight.  It's been going on for about three years now, and I haven't pushed him into anything he doesn't want to try....mainly because I don't enjoy cleaning up throw-up, but anyway.....  I'm crossing my fingers that he keeps on eating real food.   

Short entry tonight.....I'm feeling.....strange... and a bit tired.   

Maybe a hot shower will do me some good...  

Hugs to everybody....


  1. I never push my kids into other foods, either.  If I fix something that I know they don't like, I make sure that all the add-on's (side dishes) are well-loved foods.  You don't have to let them know they are winning a battle, but you can avoid those battles when possible!  Good Mommy!

  2. My future step kiddies are also seriously picky.. my daughter only eats nuggets most of the time and plain anything.. neither like veggies.. and the 14 yr old only likes "junk" food.. like pizza , burgers and tacos and spagetti.. never beef stroganoff or anything real.. if ya know what I mean , so I can relate..I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on your dilemma~ ! :) Miss M*

  3. You should have ran out and bought LOTTO tickets! Always assume it's a "good" omen. You don't know "rambling". Glad he's eating "real"food, a faze. I'm sure. Good entry AMY, rich

  4. I've had those "feelings" before too. They're so hard to explain ... so hard to put into words ... but those who have had them know exactly what you mean.
    I like what another person left in their comment though about how you should always assume it's a good omen and not a bad one. Gee ... I never thought of that! All those years of wasted worries and I should have been out buying lotto tickets!

  5. Hm, interesting entry. LOL. Well thats happened to me before where out of now where all os these dark black crows come flying into your backyard, covering every square inch of the backyard, to the point where its so loud, you actually get frightened. It was really scary, and it only happens in Jan or March. We think its my grandpas spirit or something or a sign. PErhaps a bad omen?! :-\ I havent a clue, but its a lil freaky.

    Your not alone.


    that dinner sounded yummy, how was it?


  6. You always have something good to
    small fry sounds like my nephew when he was small , he did get over it and eat real food over time. The more we tried to get him to eat other things the more he resisted so i think you are doing the right thing.

  7. I love Robins too!
    I took a photo of about 20 of them bathing in
    a big puddle in the parking lot at work yesterday!
               *** Coy ***


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