Monday, January 10, 2005

zoom zoom

  My HERO....installed more memory into my computer.  I'm flying like a bicycle down the San Fran hills.  heh heh.....  

I'm feeling particularly lazy today, since I just COULD NOT get to sleep last night.  I had a wicked headache.  ::sigh::  BUT.....I'm seeing that I have no time for laziness since my dear Ryan cleaned her room last night.  (read - picked up all of the clothes on the floor and deposited them in my laundry bins)  LAUNDRY LAUNDRY LAUNDRY  ::Amy runs around in circles screaming::  The room looks VERY NICE though.  A picture may be forthcoming...   But, every time I walk in her room now, I look back at my own and think 'Hmm...somethin' has GOT to be done in MY room, too....'  blehhhhhhh


  1. Um, maybe you could throw all of your clothes into the laundry too....that's what I do!! lol

  2. Hi Amy!

    yeah headaches are the pits, but Im glad you got laundry done. I hate laundry. :-D
    take care!
    meg from friendship loyalty and love

  3. Yeah Ryan! Wanna give up the secret? lol I've been begging the boys all weekend to clean their room! :::yeah right! Like thats gonna happen anytime soon:::
    I need more memory too! badly!


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