Thursday, January 20, 2005


                              light of the previous entry, I have to say.....I'm tired, too!

 I cannot believe how tired I am.  I've been doing next to nothing most of the day (well...ok...I did laundry, but that was a have-to kind of thing.  The clothes pile was starting to move.)  Maybe this trying-not-to-be-sick thing is taking up too much energy...??  I've got to start drinking more to keep myself hydrated.  Somebody keep on me, here, ok?  I'm terrible about that, and then I'll wind up in the ER with an IV in me.  eesh....


ANYWAY.....I had to cook dinner tonight.  You may or may not call it 'cooking' started out frozen, and after 15 minutes in the microwave......two of the kids ate it.    Chicken parmesan with spaghetti.  Found it in the freezer stuff at SuperWalMart.  They liked it.  I wasn't impressed.  Small Fry had his standard chicken nuggets...and I had almonds and grapes.  (I don't sounded good at the time....but the more I ate, the more gross it became...LOL) 

What do ya wanna bet...I'll be standing in front of the refrigerator in about an hour?


Ham sandwich?  

Jelly and crackers?  

Let's just ignore the leftover-from-2001 sitting in the back there...ok?


  1. If it's wrapped in foil (or anything that you can't see through) and you don't remember putting it there NOT open it.  Throw it into the garbage and promise to NEVER think about it again.  Trust me on this.

  2. I'm here to tell you to DRINK....DRINK....and that would be water!!!  :)
    Take it easy and get some rest!

  3. are you drinking WATER????

  4. Hey guess what you have just won ? are you ready a one day of Cleaning the refrigerator out to save your lived !!!! Yea now who shall we get to cover that gift ? And hey Have some water on meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  5. That's our kind of cooking. We go to the commissary and load up on all the different "frozen" concoctions they sell. They are "not bad", fast, easy, fast, no mess. fast, and, oh yah, fast! rich

  6. Hi There-
    You and I are way too much alike sister! I do NOT cook-period. Some things I do well, like meatloaf and frozen entrees. But what I specialize in is dialing the number for pizza, chinese or anybody else who delivers...LOL. My husband thank God is a great cook or we would starve in this house. I will say that I like to bake and can make a mean pie; but that's it.

    And I hate to clean out the refrigerator!


  7. yes, you should be drinking plenty of fluids...I always forget to drink too....feel better!



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