Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The 411

so the long story..... ....Valentines Day,  we decided we were going to the movies.  We got off of our street and turned onto the main street, went two blocks, and that is the intersection.  We had a green light so Jesse went on thru and some girl in the opposite turn lane turned in front of us.  Jesse didn't even have time to do anything other than hit the brakes but it was too late.  We hit her front end and she skidded a little, and our car skidded sideways....and then 5 seconds later I felt an awful pain in my chest, so I didn't move.  The girl gets out and she goes 'Oh, I'm so sorry, I think we can agree we were both at fault' and Jesse says 'MY ASS!  YOU CUT RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME WHEN I HAD A GREEN LIGHT!...but you know what, I'm not dealing with you now...my wife is hurt!' and then she went back over to her car and I was just there praying to hear the sirens because it was hurting so bad and I knew as soon as I heard the sirens, I'd be ok....a bunch of guys stopped and asked if we were ok, did we need anything, and Jesse said yes, he needed to call Ryan, but Ryan won't answer an unknown number, so he called his friend and his friend came over to where we were.  By this time the rescue squad was there and they got me out and onto a stretcher to the hospital, but Jesse said he wasn't going with them because he needed to tell Ryan first (stupid, he knows.....) but he came home, told Ryan and went to the ER.  They had already admitted me, but since Jesse didn't come in the ambulance, he was out in the waiting room, and I was telling the nurse 'he's not going to get seen forever...he was in the same crash as me!!!' and so ....witch that she was....she went and got him and admitted him in.....so they were just doing basic spine check and all and my spine was ok, so they sent me for X ray and then a cat scan, but as soon as they injected me with the dye for cat scan, they got a  call for me to go back to ER.  Turns out my lung had collapsed, and I had a laceration on my spleen...soooooo......they prepped me to get a chest tube which is the most painful thing EVER even with morphine kickin' around.   Jesse was freaking out of course....  let's see...Jesse had internal bruising on his chest from the steering wheel, which was bent...can you imagine? but he was ok.  VERY SORE, but they didn't admit him.  Me...they admitted for a week.  My knees were also very badly bruised...one was worse than the other so I'm walking kinda funny, now.... I'm home, but I still have the wound all patched up and go in tomorrow to get it checked that it's healing ok.  I'm taking percocet and flexeril, so it's not too bad but I get woozy every once in a while............. ::exhale::  ...this was the most awful thing ever to happen to me.  The kids were so scared when they saw me in the hospital....and Jesse....as much pain as he was in...had to go around trying to find us another car...take care of the kids.....get a lawyer....do this...do that.....every time I think about it I get so emotional.  Really...thank god I'm even alive, but ..........

Mosie brings up the question I didn't think to include - yes, we were wearing seatbelts.  The seatbelt was the cause of my lung collapsing - the force with which I was flung forward and the seatbelt holding me back - ...but that's just fine considering the alternative.

and answering another question - the other driver was 19, driving with a suspended license, and the police said they don't think she was insured because they number she gave them was partial and the insurance company doesn't recognize it as a valid number.  Figures, doesn't it?  Oh, and she walked away with not so much as a scratch.  Jesse has already found a lawyer.  @@


  1. I am so glad you are on the mend!!!!  Ihave ben praying ever since Linny posted at her journal!!!! Keep on feeling better!

  2. Oh IM so glad it was not worse. It sounds likei t could have been. I sympathize with you. I m still dealing with the girls accident. They said it would be 6-8 months before Rachael is totally healed and back to normal. Getting the run around from the insurance company. and of course the crooked cop we had who even so much as wrote a higher speed limit to give the boy the break he needed. I had to fight to get that amended. MAN its  abattle. Hows thelawyer stuff coming?????? I m glad your back on. I know it takes you forever to catch back up. Homeschooling also takes a lick too> We cant just let others do our work. Back in 94 I hit a gurad rail at 70MPH never hit hte brakes adn I bent my steering wheel. Thank God I had my NOva they drove it to the gas station. So I know your hubby must be sore too. I tell you seems like people always try to get out of being wrong. They lie and the cops just dont do what they are paid to. I m glad your back though and hope your all better soon. I know  you are atleast glad to behome. Lori

  3. Take care of yourself, please.  Don't do too much until you've healed.  (I'm nosy... were you wearing seat belts?)

  4. So glad you're feeling well enough to journal and let us all know what happened and how everyone is.   I'm sorry it was so serious, but glad to hear you're recovering.  

  5. Mary and I are so glad you are home. we will be thinking of you and Jesse, because we are your Tenness Friends, and want to alwas be.     Dad, Mary and Princess,

  6. I am SO glad you are okay.  It is scary to think of the alternative.  I can't remember how I found your journal, but I'm glad I did : )  Hope you heal quickly and as painlessly as possible.

  7. Amy....It's good to see an entry from you.  I'm so sorry this happened and that you are feeling miserable!!  Hopefully each day is just a little better and that you are able to get up and do just a little each day.  Take it easy and know that we are thinking of you here in J-land.  Glad all of you are ok!!

  8. (((Amy))) So glad to see you back, and that you're doing so well!  Rest up, chest tube's nothing to play with, sheesh!  Love you, girl!

  9. That's the most frustrating part, the person who causes the accident, NEVER GETS HURT & NEVER HAS INSURANCE!!! Whoever 'GOD" has on traffic duty is doing a real crappy job!! Glad your back & gettin' better. rich

  10. I'm happy that you are finally home and are doing alright.  That really sucks that she doesn't have insurance, but I sure hope you had put on your insurance protection from uninsured drivers.


  11. You poor sweet thing. What an awful ordeal who have been through. I am glad that you will be alright. I hope you mend quickly. Don't try and rush things. Let your body heal. Be good to yourself.
    God Bless.

  12. That sounds so painfull and whats up with the chic that hit you guys...sounds like shes been this route before. Im glad your typing fingers are feeling ok...lol  Get the rest of you in working order.

  13. Hi, I'm a new reader, but I'd just like to say that despite the ordeal you have been through, and are still going through, I'm glad you're home and able to tell the tale.  Thank God for seatbelts ;o)
    Rest rest rest, and feel better.
    Sara   x

  14. So glad to hear you are doing better! Take it easy! Those are not injuries you want to mess with! You and Jesse are in my thoughts.

  15. Glad your ok!!  take care of yourself!! rose

  16. Amy,I'm just glad to hear you're okay.  This girl's an idiot and she's lucky she didn't kill someone.  She should probley have been arrested for driving on an invalid license.  That's illegal.  Did she at least get a ticket for it?  Her license was suspended for a reason.  Well,right now let your lawyer worry about that.  Focus on making yourself feel better.  (((((HUGS!))))))) -Dawn-  

  17. So glad your on the mend....take care.

  18. i am so happy that u are home and doing much better...a collapsed lung is a scary thing...my husband had one a few years ago...i will continue to keep u in my prayers...much love to u amy..



  19. Amy-
    My gosh what can I say except I am glad that you are doing better and DID walk way (so to speak) from this. I can only imagine how painful that was to place that tube, you poor baby! I hope it's healing nicely now? I wish I could bring words of comfort and make it all disappear, I truly do. I watch my Mother's pain on a daily basis and just know how hard it is.
    It's just so typical that it had to be a young dirve, no insurance and not even legal to be driving. Complete idiot! I hope that you get the legal part of this straightened out as well.

    My prayers and thoughts are constantly with you Amy. Get well soon.

    My best to you always,

  20. Oh (((AMY))) thank GOD your both ok! Your both still in my thoughts and prayers. Keep your faith and get well soon. We'll talk  when your feeling up to it!
    Love ya Bunches!

  21. Wow, I had no clue that this happened. Scary. But thank god your ok and your husband and everyone. :-)

    lots of love and heartfelt prayers.

  22. you poor thing!! A chest tube.... ::shudder::::   How are you all doing now??

    Robyn :)

  23. I'm sorry I didn't catch this in Feb...just getting to this through your link today. I'm so glad you were ok. I'll try to catch up.


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