Friday, February 11, 2005

Happy Sweet 16, Miss Meg!!


It's a special day here in J-Land, I wanted to put in a lil recognition for someone who is    Sweet 16   today!!!!!!!!!!!

  Megzie !!!!!!  Happy Happy Birthday to you!!  You are such an asset to J- Land and you are one of the sweetest girls I've ever met.  You speak (type?) beyond your years, and yet still have an innocence that we all love....  

I hope this one one of your best birthdays, ever!!  

Everyone go visit her and wish her a Happy Day, too!!!!!!!!!!!! (Pick a link...any link..)

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  1. Oh my gosh!! All over I am seeing ME!! Ahh ((AMMY)) big big big hugs to you! I love your journal and you! I couldnt believe to see me on her when I stopped by! Thanks so much for your kind birthday wishes. I love them and you are so thoughtful. I never truely knew how great my friendships are here in Jland.

    much much love, Meg


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