Sunday, February 13, 2005

Let's Party! ::coughwheeze::


OK...I'm alive....  it seems like I've been slacking in the journal dept......entries AND making the comment circuit.      

The weekend is almost over.    It zoomed by at lightning speed...  

I slept on and off most of Saturday in order to get rid of these cooties.  I couldn't breathe and had to blow my nose so much, I was singing praises to the Puffs Plus Kleenex gods.  Soooooo...then I got tired of honking like a Canadian goose and took some Drixoral.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff.  It WORKS. knocks you on your ass.  It was ok though, cuz it was Saturday, Jesse was I took advantage of that and slept.    After I had slept so much......of course I was AWAKE by 8:00.....which is usually the time I start winding down from a typical Jesse suggested we go out and party.  Ohhhh yes.  Let's take sniffly watery eyed Amy out and party with her.  Well......I did.  LOL  We checked out Hooters (<g>) and went for drinks to some place we've never been before in Channelside.  I guess...I'd call it a........pseudo-club?  I say pseudo-club, because it wasn't quite a club....even though they were trying.    It was like a........umm.......well, they served dinner...and there was...a bowling lane....and billiards....and then type area......but it was all dark like a club is supposed to be, was weird.  BUT...decent music, although the DJ needed to be fired.  He let records skip 4 TIMES because he was yapping.  I was like 'He's fired.....DJ Skribble would NEVER mess up like that!!!!'   

OH!  I should mention...while we were out...that it was 42 damn degrees. lookin' all hooch-ified and it's 42 degrees. was had....we survived the onslaught of weird drunk people coming from Gasparilla (Tampa's version of Mardi Gras.  No, I did NOT show my....self......for beads.  I did tell Jesse he could if he wanted but he declined, stating that it was 42 degrees and he was not exposing his boobies so they could freeze just for some beads that he could buy at Party City.)  

I'm hoping today...........I'll go buy a book or two and hit Kinko's to get a picture copied....maybe I'll even go look at a furniture store and see if I can find a pretty bed for us.  Cross your fingers for me that I can find something that looks like Broyhill and costs 75% less.  

Silly snippet for the day:  Small Fry comes running in the room.  Strikes a pose, and says "I am the MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  or at least on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I am....." (<--Gameboy).  This could be slightly normal except for the fact that he is wearing a shirt three sizes to small and his Ninja Turtle underwear.  Yep,'re stylin'.  Remind me to never let this kid pick out his own clothes when we have to go into the public.  yikes.   

.......I gotta clean out his drawers and get rid of the too-small stuff...cuz it just makes him look funny trying to squeeze his lil love handles into a size 5 shirt when he's really a size 8....


  1. Channelside!! I don't know why I never realized you lived in FL! I live down this way too.... What a small world.

  2. That should have read... live near Tampa <LOL>. I knew you were in FL, just not on the west coast!

  3. darlin' I would never accuse you of journal slacking....I expected you to be busy with Jesse and getting over that bug you got.
    Have a fun day!
    Oh, BTW, thanks for the compliment on the hair!

  4. lmao you just crack me up. lol haha. well im glad u had an interesting weekend. lol

    love, meg =D


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