Friday, February 11, 2005

The Weekend Assignment


Weekend Assignment #47: Teenage Crushes from By The Way...

Weekend Assignment #47: Reveal Your Teenage Celebrity Crush! Oh, come on. We all had one. Share yours, and tell us why that particularly celebrity tripped your teenage trigger.

My teenaged crush: 

Extra Credit: Tell us: Do you still have a little teeny bit of a crush on that celebrity? Yes? No? Maybe so?

No, because I saw them on some spanish talk show and went 'What the HELL happened to them??!?!?' 


  1. The Beetles of course especially Paul but you can tell I am sooooo much older than you.  I don't really have a crush on him still just glad he is alive and well.

  2. sigh...David Cassidy.....sigh!!!!  yup he could still do it for me!!!!

  3. AH HA! I liked Menudo, too. And Eric Estrada, and ... oh the list is endless! Thanks for the nostalgia. :)


  4. 'k I have to admit I didn't pick you to be a Menudo kind of girl....LOL
    Ricky Martin is okay. I aven't seen any of the others. but I was never really a comments about me being too old either, missy!
    Hope you are feeling better.

  5. I remember Menudo! I used to love New Kids On The Block too! Now that's a big WHAT THE HELL? lol

  6. Menudo was a revolving door. As kids got older, the manager would let them go, and replace them with younger boys. Probably also stopped any of the boys from getting popular enough to ask for more money.

  7. I never had any crushes on the menudo boys however Ricky Martin turned out pretty hot and he was once a menudo guy as is his confidante robby rosa.. who actually married his co star from that latin dance movie salsa.. I dont know whatever happened to the rest of them but I did have a crush on sean cassidy.. geez when he was a hardy boy.. ok now I sound old.. lol* Miss M*


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