Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Yay! Pics and stuff

Well.....anything I write about will be minimized by the fact that I'm so glad to have my honey back home, but hey....a girl has to yap.....   We've been doing a whole lot of hanging around together.   

He took a few days off of work and went back today.  I keep telling him I will be so glad when he finally is able to retire so we can be together more.  :)  He came back with a TON of pictures from El Salvador and a few stories..... the first thing he said to me was 'I can't wait to take a hot shower!'  Apparently, there is ONE knob to turn on the water....and it's COLD.  Poor muffin took cold showers for three weeks.  :)  He set up base camp for the rest of the units, as they are rotating in and out until the three schools and clinic are completed.   Where he stayed was VERY poor.  He came back saying 'You know, I used to go along with the mentality of helping our own country first and why were we sending money to other countries blah blah blah til I STAYED in one of those countries.....and now I'm completely FOR sending whatever we can to them because these people have nothing material-wise.  They were the poorest of the poor.......our homeless have it better than these people...' and it really broke his heart.  He had brought about 5 big bags of candy with him since he knew he'd have kids hanging out around them....  He probably won't get hit in the rotation again, but some of the guys are staying there for 4 months.  wow... tent city and cold showers for 4 months.  not my idea of a stay at the Hampton Inn...but these guys.....don't seem to notice.  :) 

Anyway, for a good part of the time, he was the interpreter for everyone, since the workers from El Salvador were also working with the military guys.  He even got his picture in the El Salvadorian newspaper (they only have ONE newspaper for the whole country).  Isn't he too cool?  

Let's see...what else......we went to the beach yesterday.  We only went to see the sunset and didn't get in the water...but of course Jesse was freaking out that it was 'cold' here....I'm like 'what?  it's 72 degrees!' and he said 'yeah, but I just spent three weeks where nights are 80 degrees!'  yeah yeah, ya big cry-baby.....  

.......anddddd...we made some Menudo.  ('s an acquired taste...) which Jesse said wasn't very good, but WTH did I care.  *I* didn't have to cook it!!  Ha!  I'm so glad to not have to be the only one cooking anymore.....(although I must admit that Ryan did do some cooking the past few weeks)...because I had cooking burnout.  (Yes, poor me, right?  I'm a stay at home mom and I don't clean that much, and then I get cooking burnout?  ::ahem::  I feel faint...where's my maid and poolboy?!  )  

(BTW, sorry for the randomness of the pics....they're in no order whatsoever...  )


  1. i'm soo glad u are soooo happy ur hunky hunnybunny is home :) that must b really neat to go to places like that :) where do u live to b goin to the beach???

  2. Just glad you had some time together. I share his feelings on the "poor" people of the world. It really opens up your eyes. rich

  3. I,m glad that you and your Honey are back together again. I agree with your husband about the poor in other countries. People her in the U.S. don't know just how good we have it. It saddens me most to see the children going without.

    Enjoy your day and God Bless.

  4. <LOL> I want a maid and a pool boy!!! Hey, and I actually have a job these days... don't I deserve a maid and a pool boy????? I mean, I don't have a pool, but still..... <LOL> Glad your Hunny is home safe and sound!!

  5. Thank you SO much!  I have been kinda bummed that I won't have as much money as I expected to take on my *VACATION* to *SOUTH PADRE ISLAND* and *MEXICO*, where we'll *EAT VERY WELL*.  Damn, I'm a spoiled American hag.  Thanks for the eye-opener!

  6. awww... Is there an address to send candy and maybe some clothes? How much would it cost to send this stuff, alot? ....

  7. Great pics Jesse! The eyes of those children say sooooo much! Thanks for sharing them with us.
    On a brighter note... I'm glad you two have been able to catch up and spend some much needed time together ;-)  I kow how much you missed him Amy and I thank God for our HEROS like him everyday! Bless you all! Let's talk soon ;-)
    Love & Hugs,

  8. I'm glad you have your honey back home.  Great pictures too!  


  9. I don't know how I missed this entry, but those pictures are great!  We're blessed to live in this country.

  10. Ahhh what a guy you have!!  rose

  11. Love the El Salvador pics.  Thanks for sharing them!!!  Just read about your accident.  Will keep you both in our prayers.  You can visit my journals at:

    Been there and done the accident thing,  unfortunately it was my fault.  I turned in front of somebody.  Long story.  Thankfully, we all only had minor injuries.  Praise God for that.  Other person was not hurt at all.  I think it was January 1990.


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