Thursday, March 3, 2005

Blooming...just a little...

  It's a rare moment for me - but I feel reasonably happy, so why not document it, right?  heh...  

We did church last night - Alex's CCD classes.  While he was in class, me and Jesse went and sat in the chapel for a while.....and lit a candle.  I have to say, I felt better after hanging out there for a while.  :)   

Another thing that is making me feel better is all the comments.  :)  It really does mean so much to me to know that so many people are thinking of me and are rooting for me.  Some of them make me cry (in a good way, of course), some of them make me laugh...(and doesn't hurt to laugh any more!!!!  YAY!)  

BUT....before we all go in for the group hug, you may want to throat hurts.  Badly.  Say it with me now "Come ON, now!  What the hell!!!??"  <g>  Crimeny.  enough is enough here.  I think I figured out what was making me so 'blehhh' though.  Painkillers are great for when you're in serious extreme pain...but when you're just slightly uncomfortable, Tylenol is better...because the painkillers make you all 'blehhhhhhhhhhh' and since I don't like the 'blehhhhhhh's' - Tylenol it'll be for me (unless something really starts hurting again...)  

Here's a little 'are you kidding me' moment for you - regarding the accident.  Jesse was talking to his friend - the one who came and helped us when the accident first occured.  (He just said 'Hey guys go get yourselves to the hospital and I'll take care of the car and all this mess')  His friend told him the DEPUTY told him that when he ran the girls license, an incomplete insurance number came up, so he doubted that the girl had insurance.  ok.  did that process?  ok....AND HE LET HER GO WITHOUT INVESTIGATING THIS?  No ticket....nada.  He-LLO.  I know I didn't go to 'police school'.....nor am I well versed in laws....but.... somebody is negligent here and it sounds like it might be.......ohhh.....let's say...the deputy?!  $%$&%^(*^%$.  ::ahem::  The girl TOLD HIM she didn't have insurance.  The deputy checked it and a number came up.  (Yeah...the expired number, you moron!!) and he left it alone and only gave her a ticket for violation-of-right-of-way.  So, HMMMM...that may be something to check out a little further.  IMO, there is no place in the world for lazy police officers.  period.  I don't care if you are 5 minutes away from being off duty.  @@  

Vent over. anyway...I'm reading (or trying to, anyway) everybody elses' journals and am trying to get my groove back..... (calling Taye Diggs......haaaa...y'all know what I'm talkin' about.....and if not, well.......err....nevermind...LOL) so I'm keepin' up with my buddies.....  

Speaking of buddies - of course I had to include a picture of my buddy.....Miss Bella Kitty, who has followed me around - mothering me - for the past three-ish weeks.  I lay down, she's right there curled next to me.  I get up, she's hot on my trail.  I go outside, she sits right next to the door waiting for me to come in.....meowing if I'm not returning fast enough.  No doubt she loves me, y'know?  :)  Of course I love her back just as much...  

....and by the's cold here.  Brrr.....54 degrees!  (ohhh...y'all shush!  heh heh...)


  1. I love the kitty pic. YEAH> ITS COOL> Do you know that after a major trauma you usually get sick never fails your system is just down. The girls and todd and I have all been getting the yuckies since thier accident. I am fighting and I am trying to removdel ours is the coming out both ends kind. !!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!  rather have a cold!!!! I can keep working that way but the other I can. Glad your in a better mood. about the cop i have reported our to the states attorney general and state cops do you know what they told me. I mean the boy told him it was not his car and all!!!!!!!! they told me that they on investigate when there is illeagle stuff going on. WELL yeah a cop reporting the wrong speed limit raising it to 55 wheen it was 45 to giv ethe boy a break is a crime to me. Trying to take the boys side and not take witness statements till we forced him!!!!! yeah thats not doing his job and thats a crime and illeagle for an officer who took an oath!!!!!!!! But they want us to do the work and how can we when the officals wont do it.

  2. That is soooo stupied...I don't understand why the cop didn't write her up for no insurance...I mean it's the law.  I understand why you needed to vent!!  I would try to report that to the district.


  3. Bella's gorgeous!  We have an all black cat named Bella at the Kitty Cottage, and she's a little evil.  I think I have a couple scratches with her name on them...

  4. ha...cold...ha...its like 15 here!!!


    glad to hear your feeling better, just drink lots of tea!! that always helps.

    love, meg

  5. i wanted to thank u for visiting my journal today and the nice comments....i am glad that u are on the road to recovery...when my husbands lung collapsed it took some time for him to fully recover but he it will get better for u...miss bella is so pretty..i have a kitty that follows me around also and when i go to bed at night she snuggles right up next to me wanting to be peted until i fall asleep...and when i wake up shes right in the same spot waiting for more just makes u feel good to be so loved doesnt it? hope u have a nice evening and again thanks for stopping by my journal...



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