Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Dinner Dilemmas


Can you believe.....we didn't have King Ranch Chicken for dinner last night.  It was doomed to fail from the get-go, I tell you.  I had taken out chicken to thaw, and then put that into a pot to boil while I prepped everything else.  I noticed I didn't have a can of cheese soup, like I usually use, so biggie, I thought....I'd just use a can of cream of mushroom.  Problem solved.  Then I looked in the fridge.  Hmm.  Only 10 tortillas.  (I don't use flour tortillas because I don't like the texture of them when they've been mixed with soups.)  BUT.......I thought maybe I could make it work.  So, after a while of boiling the chicken, I go to take the chicken off the stove and cool it so I can shred it.  It's only then that I notice my chicken is ......... grey.  Yes, I said grey.  I stood there looking at it thinking 'Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....' and then I start trying to figure out why I would have GREY chicken.  

and then it hits me.    

The pot I used to boil the chicken was the same pot Ryan used to dye her clothes BLACK in.......and just possibly, she didn't wash it well enough.     

So.  out went the chicken, because I'm pretty sure that would not have been safe to eat.    

.......and there I stand in the kitchen thinking 'ok...since I only took out chicken and there's not that much time to thaw anything else, I guess it's gonna have to be something meatless.....'.  I was tired, I was starting to get crabby, and I was losing the desire to cook real fast.  Soooo........I decided on......Pasta Alfredo.  I had a jar of Alfredo, I had pasta, so there it was.  The kids loved it.  I, on the other hand, was grossed out and only ate a very small amount.  Ick.... just wasn't in the mood for it, I guess, because normally I love alfredo......    

Anyway......a couple of people have asked how the pizza (from the last entry) was.


To be honest, it was gross.  I don't like Little Cesears.  I DO like Hungry Howie's (and they do flavored crusts), and I told Jesse so.  LOL  He said HE liked Little Cesears better, and I was like 'A-HA!  The REAL reason lowly sad man!!!'  heh heh.......but to be perfectly honest.......of all the chain pizza places around here........I like...........    

 Chuck E. Cheese.    


Don't tell the kids I actually like that place or they'll try to con me into going all the time.    

I don't know what's for dinner tonight, though.......CCD classes are on, I think.  We're supposed to get 'weather' but considering last weeks' classes were cancelled because of 'potential weather' and there was nothing, I think we're probably gonna end up going. 

Hmm....maybe I can talk Jesse into buying dinner....


  1. what a night huh

  2. OH man We got wetaher today. Storms lightneing and rain then sun for a sec and then back again. I am procrastinating fixing dinner right now. I hsould be. But heck I cant get up and move. SO I did a journal entry again. I told about my LJS fiasco if you wnat to check that out. and a little more on the insurance deal!!!!!!! Trying not to put too much on it.

  3. ooooooops, sorry to hear about the grey chicken. Its horrible when we have days  when nothing goes right, hope it turns out perfect next time you make it........Jules xxxx

  4. i need the King Ranch chicken recipe!!!!  I would have thrown out the grey chicken too!!!!

  5. Now there was an entry that was truly "food for thought!!" You made me hungry! rich


  7. I'm hungry!! lol.

  8. Oh, black-dye chicken, now there's a new one ;).

    I don't care for Chucke's pizza, however I think they have pretty darn good hoagies, er I'm sorry..subs.  Can't wait to hear what's for dinner tomorrow!  Tie-Dye Teriyaki?

  9. Oh my gosh, I don't know how you do it.  By the time I get home at night, I can barely manage to feed myself!  And I rarely have the patience to cook pasta, much less thaw and cook a chicken.

    Now, the gray chicken...that sounds like something I'd do!  Which is one reason I rarely cook.  ;-)

    And last night's pizza story...TOO STINKIN' FUNNY.  You crack me up!

  10. Good thing you realised what happened with the pot so you didn't eat that chicken!!

  11. That sucks about the chicken.....the King Ranch Chicken sounds pretty good to me, and I love Chuck E Cheese your secret is safe with me!!

  12. Bologna sandwiches, anyone? LOL!!!!!!


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