Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Doctors appts & weather alerts


Well......I've gone through my daily reads, so now it's time to update my own....  

I had an appt. with the doctor this morning.  I guess he was a little concerned when I said I was still in need of the 'good drugs'.  He gave me sleeping pills since I was having trouble sleeping, but was concerned that I was still having as much discomfort as I am.  Then he says (get this) ".......the thing is....this was a very bad accident...worse than we had originally thought, and an injury that would have been no big deal to you (points to Jesse) was a very big deal for you (points to me) because you're a small woman and there wasn't any fat or large muscle to protect you.....additionally, what happened took in a breath at the moment of impact, the seatbelt yanked you back and your lung popped because that air was in your lung and you didn't exhale quick enough....but we were lucky there was no blood.....but it was worse for you, because of the seatbelt bruising right where the incision was.....which they couldn't avoid, but still.....' etc... on he talks....and as he's talking, I'm thinking....  

1).  um.  gross.  interesting, and yet...gross.

2).  Is this guy saying I need to eat a few more Twinkies and put some fat on me?  ALRIGHT, BABY!  I LOVE THIS GUY!!!!!!!!  

Also, he said that my left lung and right lung didn't sound the same and it shouldn't sound that way, so after he hooked me up with drugs, he gave me a script for another chest Xray....saying he'd rather just err on the side of caution cuz it might just be that when he tells me to breathe, I'm unconsciously protecting that muscle and not breathing as deeply as I am on the other hmm.  

At any rate, I said to Jesse later..."you know....learning more and more about the accident from a medical standpoint after the fact, that girl does NOT want us to subpoena any of my doctors, because oh.  my.  gawd."

Did I mention I have a crush on my doctor?  ::giggle::  He's SO charming and cute, cute, cute.  LOL...even the nurses who came into my room during the week I was in the hospital would look at my chart and say " have Dr. Patel !!!" and giggle.  LOL  ::ahem:: 'Yes, and he's coming to see me, so all 7 of you nurses get out of my room.'  ROFL.....I'm kidding....(Jesse is there saying 'I don't see why you all think he's so cute...he's not THAT cute' and of course, Jesse is secure enough in his manhood to say if a guy is good looking or not....ROFL.  I'm like "It's not 'cute'...he's charming...and handsome....and his smile can win over the crabbiest shush.."  Haa....don't hate, Jesse.  You know I love you.  but um...if you die...I'm going after that doctor.  I mean...umm...what?  LOL <yes, folks, we joke like that with each other.>)  

Let's see...what else?  We're talking about painting the kitchen - a very deep red color.  I'm excited, but I need to reign myself in just a smidge.  I know what's going to happen.  I'll be so excited ....trying to make myself believe I'm A-OK....and then over do it.  Sometimes all the Vicodin in the world doesn't help stupidity.

Ryan has been sealing some cracks in the room upstairs.  (that stupid beadboard.....ugh....I'd like to poke the person who installed this stuff with an uncooked spaghetti) and we will be able to paint that soon, as well.  Dark brown. 

I know I'm painting with a lot of dark colors, but this house is pretty big and has very high ceilings.....lots of light, so the dark colors will work....  

I put some beans in the crockpot with some garlic this AM, along with a roast in the oven....and the smells are killing me.  My goodness....I'll be ravenous come dinner time.....and we'll actually be able to eat early tonight because CCD classes are cancelled tonight because of 'Weather Alerts' for our area.  Apparently, some schools have already been evacuated due to tornadoes and the like.  ::Amy looks out her window and shrugs::  Oh well.  More family time for us.... 


  1. it really sounds like we are very lucky you are still here with us!!!!   Your dinner is making me hungry!!!  what kind of beans are you using?  adn what else do you add besides  to cook fish for dinner

  2. sheeeshh I guess I wont have to worry about that problem if I am ever in a wreck like that.. enough cushion here I think : P

    Photo Challenge for you.. next time you go see your Doc get a quick snap shot of him and post it to prove he is as cute as you say he is LOL.  Share the eye candy with us all! JK!

    Much Love,

  3. Well, Amy .. please keep us posted on your medical status. I worry about you, too much, I know, but what are dear friends for? When do you go for your chest X-ray?

    As far as teh house colors ... I knew we were kindred spirits. :) We just got though painting the living room a warm gold, and our kitchen is sunset something or the other ... a light, warm brown. When I put the first "stroke" of color on the kitchen wall, I thought it was hideous. I called my friend over to take a look, and she said, "Oh that is a GREAT color! You have to paint the rest of the room to get the full affect." I looked at her like she was gonig to come help me prime and paint another color if she was wrong! LOL! Well, she was right. It is AWESOME! It used to be my least favorite room in the house. Now it is my favorite. The decor is vintage wine.

    Now ... I am stuck on a dining room color. We have an open floor plan, but it is divided enough to be able to get away with doing a separate color for each room. A deep, warm gold, a light, warm brown ... hmmmm ... stuck on a color for the room inbtween those two colors. :)

    Anyhow, happy painting. It is great fun, and I can not believe the transition we made with just some color. Don't do too much ... and cover your face with protective gear to protect your already fragile lungs. XOXOX

  4. PS ...

    Be careful with the weather! I just watched an update, and it looks NASTY! We have the wind, but no rain, yet. It looks nasty, though. Anyhow, stay safe. XOXOX

  5. I love interesting colors on the walls.. I have a wine color up on my living room wall..think it's somewhere on my journal page, I'm sure...will have to check. My kitchen is a green...don't throw up now, it's a very nice!


  6. I think I need a doctor

  7. WEll I do hate to hear of the storms but man oh man do I love more family time. WHOOO HOOOOOOO  SOunds like you need to take it easy a bit longer. YOu will have to share BEFORE and after pics of your work in your house I Love that when people do that MAN OH MAN can you see the dark colors in my small house. I must go very light. I wish my house were bigger. your a lucky girl. WE got so much clouds lately that I just want happy bright sunny colors. Keep us posted about your xrays nad hwo things turn out. Well maybe you should stay sick a bit longer so you can visit DR CUTIE PIE!!!!!!!!!!! LOL Lori

  8. OHyeah I Pray for your safty inthe storms Lori

  9. I have been painting with deep, ricjh tones here too. I just finished daughter #3s room and it is gorgeous....for now! Next is either the kids' bath or daughter #1s later to be daughter #4s room they have chosen a deep teal and a tropical theme. Bill is learning to enjoy the COLOR in our home. Rest and heal before you start girlie! {{{{{{gentle hugs}}}}}

  10. Oh dear, now I'm worried about you! Tell me this doctor Patel is he a pulmonologist or is he like your primary care /family doc? I would think a Cat scan would be better than an xray as xrays cant see if you have for example bleeding bronchi.. oddly enough they couldnt tell how my bronchi were covered in blood until they actually scoped me and went in to see.. please ask your doc maybe if a CT scan might be better as I'm worried you are having so much pain! Hope you feel better soon! :) *hugs* Mel
    PS> I saw you are in the sunshine state in your about me section.. so am I! :)

  11. I hope the Drs mangage to find what is causing the problems with your lungs and it is sorted real soon...........Jules xxxxx

  12. My hubby and I joke around just like you and Jesse.  Keeps things fun!  No worries just fun.  Take it slow when you start painting!  Maybe you should just stand there and tell everyone how to do it.  :)

  13. Here and Joey joke like that all the time! I agree with Sam(below) you should just tell everyone else how you want it done! haha...

  14. Hello there-
    So sorry that you are still having such pain. But these things heal slowly and I hope that your doc continues to keep you comfortable. You might consider a second opinion, especially in a case like this. Most insurance companies cover second opinions so it would only cost you the co-pay.

    About painting with red. In my bedroom (I think I have a pic on my journla, if not I will post one for ya) I have the wall behind our bed painted "Dare Devil Red" (HomeDepot). It's the greates red! But it's cool that we only painted that one wall that color and the rest of the room is painted "Buttercup Cream" or "Vanilla Bean" or something like that. I would have to wait until I got back to Las Vegas (I'm in Reno with Mom and Dad right now) and get the exact colors. It came out so pretty. Then I took two old beat up dressers and painted them the same colors, but intermixed the colors on the drawers and base of the dressers. I will also post pictures so you can see how it call comes together. I also have painted stripes on just two walls in my bathroom (opposite each other), along with the same base color mentioned before in the bedroom and it looks really great too!

    I hope you get to feeling better and will be sure to post or email the pictures to you ok?

    Talk to you soon,


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