Monday, March 7, 2005

Even more stuff you're dying to know....

                                                 20 Questions

                               from Dawn, of Everything Under the Sun.

1. What do you consider to be your biggest fashion mistake when you were growing up? The A Flock of Seagulls hairdo I had goin'..

2. If you knew you were going to grow up and have a horrible and tragic adulthood and you had the option to stay a child would you choose to do so? Depends on how old I was....

3. You are convicted of a crime you did not committ. Do you jump bail to prove your innocence? Absolutely.

4. What historical figures would you most like to see moves made about? I don't do movies.

5. Do you believe in UFO's? Not really.

6. What is your favorite non-alcoholic beverage? Cherry Kool Aid

7. Have you ever experienced love at first sight? Yep.  It's still love-at-first sight every day at 5:30..  :)

8. Do you read the tabloids at the check out line in the grocery store? Yeah, but I don't read that freaky one with 'Man gives birth to BatBoy' headlines...I just read whether Demi is going to get lipo or not, you know...the important stuff......

9. What nationality are you? Irish, English, Scottish, & Norweigan

10. If you could find out how old you would be when you die,and how,would you want to know? Yes, I'd rather do things I wanted to do so I could die knowing I didn't miss out....

11. If you could change one thing about your personality what would it be? I'd try to be more outgoing...

12. Why do you keep a blog,if you have one,and why don't you keep one if you don't have one? I keep it to...have an outlet for all the humor in my life.  More people need to smile in life, and if I'm a small part of their smile, then ...yay, me.

13. Have you ever taken in a stray animal? Have you seen my profile?  I'm the person who feeds every stray looking for food....

14. Have you ever said,"I love you." to someone and had them not say it back? No

15. If you could yourself one expensive,designer outfit what designer would you go to? uhhhhhhhh...errr.......

16. What's your favorite thing to eat at a cook-out? Porterhouse

17.What are you most looking forward to doing when it's warm outside? sitting outside and watching the squirrels

18. What was your favorite fairy tale as a child? I never really read Fairy Tales....

19. What's your favorite thing to eat at picnics? Baked beans

20. You find a wallet in the street,with a large sum of money in it,what do you do? Is there an ID in it?  If so, call and give it back...if not, turn it in to the police.  It becomes yours if noone claims it anyway, so......


  1. mmmmmm..porterhouse!!!  :))


  2. HEy got any pics of the flock of seagulls hair do !??????? LOL I had some doosies too. TUBE TOPS DONT RUN IN THEM> Especially if your going to fall down like the clumbsy oath I am Lori

  3. tempting... tempting.....oh i want to do it...I think I just will..hahaha

    love these answers! haha
    but i coudlnt believe # 18!! no fairy tales?? :-( oh come on, not even little bo peep?

    love, meg

  4. lol I must of had a twisted childhood.. I really liked the Dracula stories.  He was my secret love. LOL

  5. Great answers,Amy.  I remember the Flock of Seagulls hair.  Of course I was to young then but believe me when I say Vanilla Ice hair is far,far worse!  -Dawn-

  6. i never heard that flock of seagulls hair.....I wore mine long parted in the middle forever....You led a sheltered NO Fairy Tales...Snow white? Cinderella? where you home schooled because most schools had you read them or had them read to you....What did you dress as at halloween?

  7. I remember the flock of seagull hair, lol.............Jules xxxxx


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