Sunday, March 20, 2005



Stream of Consciousness  

We all do it at one time or another.  I'm typing mine as fast as it comes.

  Background:  I'm sitting here eating some sugared cereal with marshmallows that Adrian left on my desk.  

"this cereal is decent and gross at the same time.  it sucks that there's no milk.  I wonder if he's going to yell at me for eating his cereal.  does he even remember he was eating it?  what's he watching on tv?  ok, this cereal is gross.  why in the hell do I keep eating it.  I'm lonely.  what should I do?  should I talk to somebody?  nah.  too much whining.  am I a whiner?  I am.  oh well.  why is kid 2 asking me for a 4th burrito.  that cant be good for him.  should I make him something more filling?  I guess not.  he made his own burrito.  I'm a crappy mom.  I didn't make him his burrito.  no I'm not.  he likes being independent.  but what if he set the microwave on too long and it exploded.  that would be bad.  would there be a fire or an explosion?  both, probably.  I saw it on tv once.  do i watch too much tv? nah.  i don't watch much at all.  food network.  I hate emeril.  I don't want to cook.  I'm hungry.  why am I still eating this <bleeping> cereal?!"  

So.  Somebody tell me why I'm not on Paxil yet.  I need a nap.


  1. LOL I have those days and am on Paxil!!!!

  2. omgoodness chic! you sooo crack me up :o)
    I don't like cereal...I think it's all gross (except coco
    I love burritos though...think i'll go blow one up in the microwave  :::giggle:::   can't answer the paxil question...I often wonder why I'm not on it myself!! lol

  3. Great entry...........4th burrito? you are right, that cant be good!

  4. OH man your mind rambles about almost as bad as mine. I can go thru 20 thoughts ina short time. HEYYOUR nota bad mommy!!!!!!!! I think about wierd things too. LOL I dont like Emeril but for some reason I got to watch afew seconds of his show. WHat is wrong with me??????? Lori

  5. Amy-
    Oh you are way too funny! I have those moments (that sometimes last for days) where I ramble just like you do. Totally normal, right? LOL

    We're all ok, I'm sure of it,

  6. Naps are good... they do the trick for me, lol!

  7. NO DRUGS, you are just experiencing a severe case of NORMAL!! rich

  8. Oh we are too much alike!  You must be one cool chica, ;)


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