Wednesday, March 2, 2005


I'm finding that lately I've been thinking more and more about what's important to me.....thinking about the future, too, I guess.  The stuff I used to care about seems so........shallow.  My god, was I shallow?  I hope not.  Humm...maybe it's just that stuff was there to deal with...and the 'stuff' isn't there any more.  At any rate, I keep thinking...'what did I do with myself 'before'?  why isn't it important anymore?'  

Ick.  I hate being self-reflective.  (is that a word?  oh, who cares...most of you know me well enough by now that I occasionally make up words and still know what I'm trying to say, right?)  

Good that Miss Reckless Driver, when confronted by Jesse, admitted to not having any insurance, signed a statement saying so, and has said she wants to pay for damages.  Isn't that nice of her.  (yes, sarcasm in the tone......@@)  It SO infuriates me that she only has a suspended license and violation of right of way on her.  If she PAYS those two fines, off she could go...driving and smelling like roses.  WTH.  But anyway....the thing that I'm most bummed about is that we had finally saved up enough money to be able to move.  Because of having to buy a new car, we're out a chunk o' change and now the long awaited hard earned move has to wait.  We're ALL disappointed by that.  The lawyer is saying something about small claims court.  *shrug*  ::sigh::  

Hummm....what else.  I'm healing o.k.  The X ray looked good on Monday, and the bruises on my knees are starting to fade a little.  Now I guess I'm just dealing with the inside bruises.  

Not feeling very chipper lately, but that'll take time, I guess......  I've got my family, so .... that's what matters.....    


  1. It will take a long while to feel take it wasy

  2. youre still in my prayers!

    dont feel bad, i make up words all the time
    talk soon
    meg =)

  3. so glad to see an entry ;)

  4. It's totally understandable to be "reflective" after an accident like you've been through.  It's times like these that help us realize what we have and to be grateful for it.  Hang in there and take in nice and slow!  :)

  5. "Tough times never last; tough people do!"  

  6. domesticatedchicMarch 2, 2005 at 4:09 PM

    Definitely take her to small claims.. you could win a decent amount of money there! Hope you feel better soon! :) Mel

  7. Yes I know exactly what you mean. WE are still fighting for the girls accident when that boy hit them. Got a call from HIS insurance company adjustor and investigator. This boy is going around trying to get poeple in the neighborhood to say they see Tracy pulling out TOO slow all the time. They happen to be his parents renters. So yeah I know about people getting off. I  mean he hit them in the rear and on the passenger side. It stinks that the law could car eless about hte innocent person. Yeah you get money saved up and wham!!!!!!!  some jerk takes it away and if you go thru smalll claims you get only a small ammount our state allows $2500 and that wont cover the girls medical we only had liablity it was an 85 monte super sport!!!!! Then collecting is a chance too. Often they walk away those types not paying. On top of that even if she did pull out slow that contradicts what he says when he says she whipped out infront of him. BUT Of course he hit her lamost 500 feet after she pulled out and on the back drivers side not the passenger side. It is frustrating!!!!!!!!!! I KNOW Lori

  8. It's good to hear from you again, and I'm so sorry about all the setbacks.  

    It is, however, encouraging to see how you're growing and learning from a terrible experience, so thanks for sharing it with all of us.  I think you'll come out on top, because you KICK ASS, and you deserve it!


  9. we all grow and learn and you thinking about the important things in life and the future I think is natural since you were just in an accident.  This life is so fragile and we are only here for a vapor of time.  We are not promised tomorrow.

    Much Love,

  10. I don't believe you are shallow now or before the accident. i think you are in an introspective mood as you wprk through not only the physical recovery but the emotional. My daughter Zoë and the rest of us were like this after her encounter with that big truck.
    I am so glad to hear that you are on the mend.
    Gentle hugs.

  11. Hi Amy-
    I apologize for not being more diligent on commenting to your journal and your health. I DO think of you often, know that ok? So glad that the x-rays looked good and your bruises are healing. The bruises on the inside however will probably take longer, at least they would for me. I pray for you EVERYDAY to have strength and vigor to see you and your family through this. You are one tuff!

    As for the driver that hit you---absolute irresponsible idiot! Sorry to say this, but you will probably never see one single dime from her, even though she has admitted to it and "said" she will pay. Miracles do happen though. I am so sorry that you can't move. I know how much you were looking forward to that and you talked about it a lot. Everyone is probably saying this, but I'm going to say it to: You never know what tomorrow brings, maybe something could happen to make it possible for you to move? Keep the Faith Amy, I do. My Mother's improvements, her miraculous improvements, are living proof. I wish you could see how well she is doing, absolutely amazing stuff.

    Glad you're getting better and I miss all of your emails we used to exchange, but understand what you have been through! Please take care and God Bless.


  12. I'm usually a silent reader--but I've been hanging around for awhile--I dont think you were shallow to begin with first off--

    And I got into two accidents in two months--neither my fault..I'm a fairly new driver compared to you and your husband, but, i was lucky not to get hurt in the first one..and the second accident i was rear-ended and I hurt my back really bad.

    I hope you get it all sorted out quicky..and I'm glad to hear your feeling better then you were.

    ~Tarah the usually silent reader.


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