Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Just another day....



Just another wonderful day here....  

Jesse had told me yesterday that he'd hook me up with a massage at bedtime (so I could get the massage and pass out), was not meant to be.  Even though my neck/shoulder was hurting pretty bad, Jesse was the one who ended up getting a rubdown.  He pulled a muscle.  Badly.  Bad enough that he came home, ate, took muscle relaxants AND pain pills and laid down.  I tried to baby him as much as I could and rub his muscles and pat him to sleep, but it was hurting him so much that he couldn't sleep because every time he moved, he'd yelp.  (He had been to the Dr earlier in the day and the doctor said 'pulled muscle...don't use it.  lay down' know....he laid down)  THEN, he tries to con me into giving him another muscle relaxant. 

Me:  "No." 

..."Please?" he says. 

Me:  "No." 

"But it's not working.....just a half of another one?  C' hurts..." he says. 

Me:  "No.  I like you.  I'd like to keep you around.  Taking over the amount of muscle relaxants is not a good idea and I am too tired and messed up myself to drag your ass to the hospital so they can try to pump your stomach from ODing, so.....No." 

"::whine whine whine::" says he. 

Sooooo.....about 20 minutes later he's laying to me...I'm patting him and reading ....and he is jerking in and out of sleep.  He wakes up and says "ohhhhh my...."  Hee hee....I'm like "Drugs kicked in, didn't they?"  ROFL 

He's all "Yeahhhhhh....I love you, honey....."

I say "I love you, too......." 

He falls asleep.  10 minutes later, he jerks out of sleep again (that's the Flexeril that does that...) and looks at me and says "I love you honey...." 

I say "I love you, too..." 

He says " know what?" 

I say "What?" 

He says "I love you, honey..." 

ROFLMAO  I'm trying not to laugh because I don't want to wake him up totally, but he is comical after he takes muscle relaxants.  SOOOOOOOOOOOO...flash forward to today.  He gets up to go to work...and strains the same muscle.  ??????  Guess who stayed home today.  At least he'll catch up on his sleep.  Poor muffin....  

Humm.....what else.....oh!  We had Arby's for dinner.  Jesse picked it up on his way home.  I was actually pretty disappointed in it.  It was food, but that's about all I can say.  

.........and....let's see.....I talked to my (not so) little brother last night.  He's bored.  LOL  I would be, too, if I was alone in an apartment away from my whole family.  He lives in Kenosha, which wouldn't be my first choice of places to live, but he seems to like it.   BTW, J - - I LOVE Calvin and Hobbes, too!     

What  Today's weather is fab, so I may see if I can get myself to The Home Depot and pick up something nice for the front porch.  I keep telling myself that every day, though, so hmm.....


  1. I need a vacation...maybe I need to come and visit you guys?  LOL

  2. I think he "pulled" one over on you! He got the massage, you got nada! Seriously, hope he heals, those darn muscle pulls are not fun. Arby's S*CKS!! rich

  3. I'm reading this at work and almost choked on my sour jelly beans. Poor Jesse... hope he feels better soon!

  4. Hey I actually got some flowers finall today. It was 78 and thatis just out of this world and  I loved it. Man I m sorryo you two are so sore. Maybe your kids should baby you and let you both geti. TOO bad you could not aol by phone him and play it back inteh journal and say look everyone in j land knows you cant handle your pills LOL But hey that is soooooooooooo sweet. So great to hear a couple that love each ohter.

  5. Pulled muscles are the worst, I feel bad for your hubby! Get your hiney on to the home depot and quit putting it off!! lol :)

  6. eww i know what you mean about the Arbies , we ad it the other nite and it was food...I miss the  roast beef sandwiches e had up North , te meat was just different. Maybe because I grew up with the food there, so the food here is so ard to get use to. Well I hope you both feel better soon.....It's so hard when te bot of yopu are hurting.......

  7. Gotta love men!  He is so good to you...telling you he will hook you up with a massage. I know he had good intentions, but you were the sweet one and took care of him.  You have officially earned you angel wings... :)  and then to for him to keep telling you he loves you.  This was funny.  I think I would have tried to get him to talk a little more if he were in his "fuzzy" state.  :)

  8. I have had several pulled muscles and they are absolutely NO fun!!!!!  You are a wonderful wife to take such TLC of your husband.  Lucky man!!!!  Hope you both are feeling much better soon!



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