Monday, March 28, 2005

Monday Photo Shoot

John says "It's Monday -- and that means it's time for a Monday Photo Shoot! To remind everyone: I hand offer a suggestion for a photograph to share, and then you either go out and take that picture or share a photo with that theme that you already have. Pretty easy stuff. This week:

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Get a shot of one of our fine feathered friends (preferably undomesticated). "

OK, weird.....because I took this picture...just this Saturday when we were at the beach.  It looks freakishly similar to John's picture.  I promise you, though, different birds, different states.

But then, how could I forget......while we were at the beach hiding eggs, some ducks kept coming closer and closer to our colored eggs.  Back off, duck!  They're MINE! 


  1. I guess the duck thought you laid prettier eggs than her LOL HOW neat that the pics are similar.

  2. great pics!

  3. Love the duck pictures!

  4. was that a cardnal? I love them!

  5. me love duckies!!!!

  6. Hey Amy!!!  Thanks for visiting my journal and for your funny comment.  I did fix the title of my journal somewhat since my move back to the heart of Dixie, lol.
    Have temporarily misplaced the digital camera, but promise to post pics just as soon as I find it in all the many piles we have to put away and yet to unpack!!!!!
    Our Easter sucked.  My kids are too big for coloring and hiding eggs anymore and we had such strong storms coming through the south, we just stayed in all day and did not go anywhere. :(  Just seemed like another ho-hum day.


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