Monday, March 21, 2005

Monday Photo Shoot

Your Monday Photo Shoot #3: Humiliate the Pets!  I'm feeling in a bit of a sporky mood today, so let's have some capricious fun at the expense of dumb animals!

Your Monday Photo Shoot #3: Show your pet in scenario that would be embarrassing to it, if it knew enough to be embarrassed. soon as I read the Scalzi Photo Assignment, I knew which picture to use.  My poor kitty is a slave to ......HAM.  She will do ANYTHING for a sliver of ham.  She has even gone as far as trying to eat one side of my sandwich WHILE I'm eating from the other side.  Pitiful... 


  1. LOL  there was one day I wished I had my camera...Zoe, fell in the toilet and was soaked...she was one mad kitty!!!

  2. lol!!!  Cute pic! Will have to get one of the cats in an embarrassing situation....hhhmm.. give me time..My husband loves to put a sock on the cat's heads like a hat, just because it looks so funny, will have to take a pic.. hee hee..

  3. OH man Isure am glad he did not get your lips. I had a cat one time that ran up an dbit rachaels lips cause they had baby food on them. She was in the carrier eating nad he just ran up and bam. I slapped htat cat so quick. I just had reaction. Yeah that cat looks like its in a tranz.

  4. What a ham!

    (yeah, I know that was a really bad one...I couldn't's a sickness)

    She's adorable.

  5. thats cute, and pitiful that she tries to eat the other side of your sandwich.... awwwww

  6. Love It!! you think you have her trained to sit up and beg  but in all reality she has you trained to get feed  ham :: hehehe ::  


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